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sábado, março 17, 2007

Identity crisis

A NORTHSIDE woman is working hard to remove the stigma attached to a relatively unknown and misinterpreted condition. Gender Dysphoria is an inter-sex condition that affects a large number people in Ireland and leaves the person with the gender identity of a woman but born into a male body and vice versa.

Senate passes bill banning gender identity discrimination
A bill that would prohibit discrimination against people based on their gender identity or expression won preliminary approval in the Senate on Thursday and the governor said he was likely to sign it if it reached him.

For Stanton, religious comfort
When news got out that Largo City Manager Steve Stanton intended to become a woman, some detractors said that he needed to go to church and find God.
With no transition plan, Stanton wrote one
Transgender people are a tiny fraction of the population, but their presence in the workplace increasingly is catching the attention of their bosses.

60 Seconds: Holly Woodlawn
After hooking up with 1960s legend Andy Warhol at his New York Factory studio, Holly Woodlawn went on to star in a number of his films. She used to be a 'he' (Haroldo Danhakl) and was immortalised in Lou Reed's Walk On The Wild Side: 'Holly came from Miami FLA... plucked her eyebrows on the way, shaved her legs and then he was a she...' She now lives in Hollywood. The film Factory Girl is out today.
[PHOTO: Holy Woodlawn]

Reform movement accepts transgendered rabbinical student

The Reform movement's rabbinical seminary has accepted a transgendered person, paving the way for what is believed would be the first ordination of a rabbi to have switched genders.

A long journey, an identity discovered
Looking at herself now, liberal arts senior Dalena Spiritsong, 64, no longer sees who she used to be - an alcoholic, a person who was lost and unsure of who she was. Now, she sees someone who is energetic, who has a purpose and is a trans-woman.
Photo: Media Credit: Andrew Burton
Dalena Spiritsong, better known on campus as Spirit, has finally found her true self after many years of searching. In 2003, Spirit revealed to others that she identifies as a trans-woman.