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segunda-feira, março 12, 2007

IN her low-cut dress Lucy Parker smiles confidently at the camera. She couldn't be more different than the picture of the 11-year-old boy in his school uniform with the pudding-basin haircut.

Equal opportunities for transgenders
In a move that could change the lives of thousands of transgendered persons in the state, the Tamil Nadu government has passed an order ensuring equal opportunities to them in the society.

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She said / He said
It is, arguably, the ultimate identity crisis. Imagine being born one gender while your heart and your mind and every cell in your body is irrevocably convinced of the opposite. But your physiology belies the most fundamental of instincts. And you dare not share this secret with anybody save for being labeled or judged or tossed aside as a societal outcast.

Nadia Cabezas -- host of transgender show
Nadia Cabezas, a San Franciscan who started the nation's first transgender talk show and hosted it as "Kitty Kastro," died March 5 in a traffic accident in Indiana.

Ex-official reluctant symbol of transgenders
He would slip them on in secret and walk to Mr. Brown's candy store to buy Kit Kats or lollipops. He feared getting caught, but even at 8 years old, he couldn't deny how good those little blue clogs made him feel.
His second self
Over and over, the family man tried to put Susan in a suitcase. Now, Susan and Steve are finally merging, and career and family are splintering.

Event celebrating `self, acceptance' draws crowds
Excerpt: LeAnna Bradley, a transgendered woman, showed her pride by telling festival participants about her personal transformation and the importance of her advocacy work for the gay community.

Arrest of Fla. activist draws national attention
Nadine Smith taken into custody after distributing fliers at public hearing.