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sexta-feira, março 09, 2007

Asesinan a un travesti de seis puñaladas
Cayó muerto en pleno centro de Cipolletti. Recibió cinco puñaladas en la espalda y una más en el cuello y falleció pocos minutos después. Fue encontrado por una vecina de la zona.

Transsexual’s heartfelt job plea
A HEARTFELT appeal for a job has gone out from a man trapped in a woman's body.

Le droit d'être transsexuel
L'Espagne vient d'adopter une loi autorisant Le droit d'être transsexuel.

[MI,USA] [Blogs/Commentary]
Wall Street Journal Weighs in on Nemecek case
The Wall Street Journal published an article about Julie Nemecek'scase yesterday...

[CA,USA] [Film]
Araujo documentary to screen Saturday
Excerpt: Those experiences made the transgender Fremont filmmaker keenly aware of the struggles faced by Gwen Araujo, a Newark transgender teen who was killed in 2002. So Prevost began following the Araujo court case, which has resulted in "Trained in the Ways of Men," a 98-minute film about the 19-year-old's tragic story. The movie will have its world premiere Saturday at Cinequest, San Jose's 17th annual film festival.

Trans TV host dies
Nadia Cabezas, known to many in the community as Kitty Kastro, hostess of the Tranny Talk public access show, died Monday, March 5 after she was struck by a car on a highway in Porter County, Indiana. She was 40.
Nadia Cabezas, a.k.a. Kitty Kastro. Photo: Courtesy Dina Boyer

[FL, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Being transsexual is a sin?
Sorry about not quoting the Bible just the location and jist of the text. Editorials are supposed to be short. Please pull out your Bibles and read the scriptures quoted.
I do have a few questions though. Where in the Bible does it say being a transsexual is a sin? I honestly cannot remember any references to transsexuals at all. And for those that say it was not considered, remember Ecclesiates 1:9-11 where it says there is nothing new under the sun.

[FL, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
The Vilification of Steve Stanton
My affection and good feeling for the beautiful state of Florida has dimmed today, given the campaign of hatred, contempt and intolerance which is in progress against Largo City Manager Steve Stanton, who has revealed after years of angst and pain that he is a transsexual and will undergo an operation to change himself to a woman.
NCLR assisting trans Florida city manager
The National Center for Lesbian Rights stepped in last week to assist with gender identity education for Largo's city commissioners after their hasty vote to terminate transgender city manager Steve Stanton on February 27.
[Letters to the Editor] Transgender issue in Largo
I think it is a disgrace that the city of Largo would fire someone because they plan to have an operation. The type of operation should not affect their job. If an obese person had the gastric bypass surgery would you fire them?
[Letters to the Editor] Pastor Ron Saunders part in the firing of Largo city manager
As a "born-again, " seminary-trained, conservative Christian of 34 years who also happens to be transgendered, I'm appalled and embarrassed by the comments of Pastor Ron Saunders made at the "special meeting" recently to decide if the city would accept Steve Stanton as Susan due to his clinically supervised gender change.
[Letters to the Editor] Largo Kangaroo Court
As an attorney, a human being, and a corporate resident of Largo, I am appalled and embarrassed to have the name "Largo" on my business card. I watched the sordid witch hunt of a city commission meeting tonight on TV.
Sex change issue continues to divide community
Suspended City Manager Steve Stanton has until March 8 to ask for a public hearing on his proposed termination. Just a week after Stanton announced he was undergoing medical treatment to become a woman, hundreds demonstrated March 6 in front of City Hall in his support. But, only a dozen appeared later before the city commission.
Florida Town Dismisses Transgender City Leader
City manager in Florida loses job because of gender identity discrimination.
TRANSGENDER CITY MANAGER of Largo, Florida Requests Public Hearing
Steve Stanton, the long-time City Manager of Largo, Florida, has decided to appeal the City Commission's decision to begin termination proceedings against him. Stanton will file a written request for a public hearing today with the Largo City Commission.

UCSF to close trans programs
The University of California at San Francisco's Transitions and Transgender Resource and Neighborhood Space projects are scheduled to close July 1 because grants that fund the programs are ending.