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sexta-feira, março 02, 2007

El PP rechaza en el Congreso la ley de identidad sexual tras apoyarla en el Senado
El Congreso ha aprobado hoy la Ley de Identidad de Género, que permitirá a los transexuales cambiar de nombre y sexo en el Registro Civil sin necesidad de cirugía, con el respaldo de todos los grupos, a excepción del PP, que, sin embargo, apoyó la norma en el Senado. El PP ha sido duramente criticado por los transexuales presentes en la tribuna de invitados durante el pleno de la Cámara Baja.
Photo: Transexuales y representantes de los transexuales se felicitan tras finalizar la votación en el Congreso- EFE

Trans leaders welcome Equality report
Leading experts in the discrimination and inequalities experienced by transsexual and transgender people have cautiously welcomed the findings of the Equalities Review, published later today.

Insurance blow for transsexual driver
After undergoing a sex change operation, Carina Bladh from Linköping in central Sweden suddenly saw her car insurance costs skyrocket.

Teenagers jailed for sex parade...
TWO teenage Bahraini transvestites who paraded in the street, offering sex to passers-by, were jailed yesterday.

Renaissance men Forget the suit and tie.
Drag kinging in Toronto is rapidly evolving into an art form that goes well beyond the portrayal of a single macho stereotype. With the inclusion of faux-kings, trans performers, bio queens and other genderbending acts, drag has become as fluid as the gender spectrum itself.
[Photo] ZASSY. Justin Zaas shakes things up at Goodhandy's with his genderbending antics. (Taylor Strande)

Norfolk man to serve 8 months for prostitution
A city man charged last year during an undercover police prostitution sting pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of prostitution and attempted infected sexual battery and must serve eight months in jail.


CHANGING GENDER -- Counselor, surgeon, transgender doctor
Dr. Marci Bowers first tried making the transition from a male to female body when she was 19. Lacking the funds and with little support from her family, she couldn't complete the attempt. Some 20 years later, with a strong support system in place, she fully transitioned in 1998.
Photo: Dr. Marci Bowers with Dr. Stanley Biber.Dr. Marci Bowers went through gender reassignment surgery herself -- before becoming the most prominent transgender surgeon in the country.

[USA] [Books]
Transparent: Love, Family, and Living the T with Transgender Teenagers
Privilege is a tactical silence. Those who lack it—immigrants, the sexually marginalized, the poor—are relegated to the realm of the unsaid, subject to a brutal etiquette which forbids us from the “unpleasant” topic of how and why we are implicated in human suffering. Cris Beam’s memoir, Transparent: Love, Family, and Living the T with Transgender Teenagers, is a book fired off into this silence; like a flare thrown down a well, it sheds some brief, limited light, but it also brings into focus the emptiness that surrounds it.

City Manager Fired Over Gender Reassignment
After a city manager in Largo, Florida, admitted he is seeking a sex-change operation, city commissioners voted 5-2 to fire him based on their views that he had lost "his standing as a leader among the employees of the city."
Photo: Steve Stanton walks out of the commission chambers, while commissioner Mary Black, not pictured, discusses the wording on the amendment to fire him.
[Times photo: Jim Damaske]
Activists: Fired city manager could be transsexual champion
Steve Stanton loved this city he ran for 14 years. This week, he asked the city to love him back - to accept his plans to pursue sex-change operation and let him keep his $140,000 job as city manager.
[Commentary] Stones fly in Largo; society is thus saved
Steve Stanton stood in front of the world to announce he would become Susan, and the world replied: You're fired.
Stanton: Abrupt firing a surprise
Steve Stanton didn't see it coming. He didn't expect Largo city commissioners to fire him Tuesday night, just a week after he acknowledged he wanted to have a sex-change operation.
City polarized over sex change decision
City Manager Steve Stanton said it's a compulsion he's fought since he was a child. He found satisfaction in wearing his sister's shoes to the candy store.
Task Force calls Largo City Commission’s push to remove city manager ‘immoral act of discrimination’
The Largo City Commission in Largo, Fla., voted 5 to 2 last night to start a three-step process to remove City Manager Steve Stanton from the job he’s held for 14 years. This decision comes after Stanton announced plans to undergo a gender reassignment process.
[News/Audio] City Manager Fired for Sex-Change Plan
All Things Considered, February 28, 2007 · The city manager of Largo, Fla., has been fired, following the revelation that he was preparing to undergo a sex-change. Michele Norris talks with Steve Stanton, who has been undergoing hormone therapy before an operation to change from a man to a woman. Stanton had been planning to announce the operation in a couple months, but the news leaked last week. [LISTEN]

TransNation: Las Vegas Showgirl
During the late 1980s and the early part of the 1990s Jahna Steele was a Las Vegas showgirl. As a stand-out performer with the Riviera Casino's Crazy Girls' Revue. she was sent to open Crazy Girls in Japan, where she stayed for a year. Steele was voted "Sexiest Showgirl on The Strip" in 1991. The following year, Steele was outed as transsexual on A Current Affair. When her secret was made public, she was asked to leave the show.

"All My Children" to Air Historic Transgender- Focused Episode March 9
ABC's popular daytime drama "All My Children" broke new ground in January with the introduction of a transgender character, Zoe (Jeffrey Carlson). On March 9, the series will mark another first when six transgender people appear on the show, sharing their personal stories in a rare unscripted format.