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quinta-feira, março 01, 2007

Asociaciones emiten comunicados aprobación Senado Ley Trans y votación próxima Congreso

Christian university in Michigan fires transgender professor
A private, Christian university has fired a male faculty member now living as a woman, a few days after she legally changed her name to something more feminine.

[CA, USA] [Commentary]
Gender-identity proposal spans mind-body divide
New York City's Board of Health in November 2006 proposed a plan that would allow people to change their sex on their birth certificate regardless of whether they had a sex-change surgery. The only requirement for the change was that the applicants must change their name and prove that they had lived as their desired gender for at least two years. The next month, however, New York City's Board of Health decided to withdraw its proposal because of various concerns.

AMC Hires Tranny To Play Tranny!
ABC soap All My Children got a bit of flack when they hired Jeffrey Carlson to play their now-legendary character, rockstar Zarf (who has since become Zoe). And with good reason - it's not like there aren't any tranny actors out there. Shit, when was the last time Kim Basinger had a gig?
All My Children's Trans Action
All My Children is still following through with its Zarf/Zoe storyline. And while Zoe (as she's known now, and played to the hilt by actor Jeffrey Carlson) has been caught up in all the usual soap opera drama (coming out, accused of murder, arrested, beaten in a park, obsessively in love with Bianca, the town's beloved lesbian) the show seems committed to fully exploring Zoe's journey as a trans person.
Photo: Trans writer/activitst Jenny Boylan

[FL, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Largo can adapt to official's choice
When I first read City Manager Steve Stanton's decision to change his gender, I was shocked and shook my head.
Fire Largo Manager, Official Says
A city commissioner is asking her colleagues to begin the process of firing City Manager Steve Stanton, who announced last week he will seek a sex change.
Largo officials vote to dismiss Stanton
City commissioners ended one of the most tumultuous weeks in Largo history Tuesday night by moving to fire City Manager Steve Stanton following his disclosure that he will have a sex-change operation.
Florida City Fires Manager Who Came Out as Transsexual

Largo city commissioners voted Tuesday night to fire its longtime city administrator less than a week after she disclosed she is embarking on sex reassignment.
Largo votes to fire city manager who wants sex change
The City Commission of this small Tampa Bay community voted late Tuesday to begin the process of firing the city's top official -- less than a week after he announced plans to pursue a sex-change operation.
Largo city manager put on leave
After spending hours listening to angry residents Tuesday night, Largo's City Council voted to put City Manager Steve Stanton on administrative leave. It's the first step towards possibly firing him.
[Letters to the Editor] Mayor's courage is praiseworthy
I want to applaud Largo Mayor Pat Gerard for her courage, rationality, intelligence and understanding in this time of hysterical bigotry, prejudice, superstition and ignorance of gender ambiguities inherited in the genes by some people, through no fault of their own.

'2 people that had one wonderful soul'
At her funeral, friends and family remember the boy and the woman he transitioned into.
Photo: Anna Schley

Transgender help
A new project called the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative is being launched a year after a groundbreaking survey revealed deplorable working conditions for San Francisco's transgender community. Outreach to employers around the city and mentorship of transgender employees are major components of the initiative, which is a partnership among the LGBT Center, Jewish Vocational Services, San Francisco Transgender Empowerment Advocacy and Mentorship, and the Transgender Law Center (TLC).

Tranny Bashing by cops from Florida
"This video, which was presented by Fox on the Cops TV show, is causing permanent harm to the TG community as a whole."

Transsexual Sues CU
A transgendered woman is suing the University of Colorado, its Board of Regents, and a health plan, saying she was unlawfully dismissed from a much-needed internship.

[USA] [Books/Interview]
A new man
Zinester turned biographer Pagan Kennedy traces the life of midcentury Englishman Michael Dillon — ship's doctor, Tibetan Buddhist, and, quite possibly, the world's first post-op FTM.