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sexta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2007

Transessuali discriminati, Comune mobilitato
Si chiama "Transiti-IT- G2-EMI-033 RIF. PA N. 2004-329-RER" . È un progetto (Equal) per il sostegno delle persone transessuali nella ricerca di un posto lavoro alla luce delle discriminazioni di cui sono spesso oggetto.

[South Korea]
Singer Harisu to Get Married in May
Transgender singer Harisu will tie the knot with her four-year younger boyfriend Mickey Jung in May.

Evangelical Maine GOP Senator wants approval of transgenderism
On March 28, 2005 he offered a sermon in defense of gay rights from the floor of the Senate . In 2007 he is championing another sexual disorientation measure. Republican Senator Dana Dow, representing Lincoln County, has introduced a bill that will recognize transgenderism, the latest "popular" cause of the gay left.

'Lost' star enjoys cross-dressing
'Lord Of The Rings' and 'Lost' star Dominic Monaghan says he enjoys wearing women's clothing and make-up, but adds that he can't be gay because he finds women attractive.

Transgender woman to speak at MSU
David Nielsen, a former media specialist at Southwest High School in Minneapolis, left work on a Friday in 1998 as a man and returned Monday as Debra Davis, a woman.

ABA expands bias policy, includes TGs
More than three years after a joint commission of the American Bar Association began a review of its Model Code of Judicial Conduct, revisions to the code were adopted this month to include language specific to the LGBT community, most notably including the term "transgender. "

TransNation: Nobody Passes All The Time
Mattilda aka Matt Bernstein Sycamore is not trying to pass. In fact, the genderqueer female-identified activist is trying not to pass. Rather than hoping to gain acceptance as member of her preferred gender, Sycamore uses a name that denotes not only her femme identity and but her clearly "male" given name.

The Gendered Realm of the Foye Tree
Long-held assumptions about sexual identity and gendered behavior have been turned upside down by a groundbreaking new study of the lives, roles and spiritual practices of the Mapuche shamans of southern Chile.

How will Largo handle official's sex change?
Largo City Manager Steve Stanton made clear as he announced his plans to undergo a sex change that he wants to hang onto his job.