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quarta-feira, fevereiro 21, 2007

Gender surgery in Hounslow saved from axe
Plans to remove funding for sex change operations by Hounslow primary care trust have been abandoned after protests from a charity representing British transsexuals.

Failing in love, eunuch attempts suicide in Bhopal
In a bizarre incident, a eunuch in love with a local boy made an abortive bid to commit suicide for being left by the latter.

[New Zealand]
Transsexual MP stands down
Georgina Beyer, the first transsexual MP to be elected in New Zealand, has retired from her post.
Photo: Beyer has served in the post of MP for Wairarapa since 1999, campaigning for the rights of LGBT people.

Ladyboy-band sign to Sony
Dana International proved that gender reassignment need not be a block to Eurovision success. The UK showed its fleeting love for transsexuals when Nadia Almada won Big Brother in 2004. Coming our way, and to possible success is Thailand's first ladyboys band called Venus Flytrap. The five members were picked from over 200 applicants and have already signed to Sony BMG the global music joint venture with a roster of artists such as George Michael, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera.
Thai Spice girls preach transsexual power
A girl band of transsexuals who model themselves on the Spice Girls are hoping to change social attitudes and achieve pop chart success in Thailand.
Official Venus Flytrap Site
Venus Flytrap Blog

[USA] [Blogs/Commentary]
How Young is Too Young to Change Genders?
Excerpt: How many of us knew what we wanted when we were 12 years old? How many of us felt comfortable with who we were, how our bodies were changing, who we would become?

Academic Council approves gender identity clause
A proposal to add a footnote about gender identity to MSU's Anti-Discrimination Policy was passed by the Academic Council today, and is awaiting review from administration before it moves to the university's highest governing body.

[USA] [People/Television]
Gender Bender
Excerpt: "I've actually come to know a lot of people in the transgender community well because of this ... They have determination and they have such heart. It's become very, very important to me to tell their story accurately." (Jeffrey Carlson)