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domingo, fevereiro 18, 2007

Di origine thailandese, nell'ambiente noto con il nome di Baby, viveva in un appartamento con un'altra persona, anch'egli un transessuale.

Dana in gay club in Istanbul
!F (Istanbul Independent Film Festival) is taking place in between 15-25th February. The festival's gay and lesbian section, 'Rainbow', has a surprise guest for its party this year which really suits the name of the section. Famous Israeli transsexual singer Dana International is going to take the stage at Love (gay club) on 23rd February.

Transgender Teen Faces Discrimination
High school can be hard for any teenager struggling with self-identity and trying to fit in. One Greensboro senior is facing a very unique challenge. "My gender is female. People think that gender and sex are the same thing, but sex is like your physical whatever and gender is like your mind," says Devon McCauley.

Transgender business draws opposition
Janet Law never wanted to create a stir.
But as a transgendered person who has run an engine shop for more than 30 years, she's used to getting double takes.
"People come in here and expect to see a bald guy with a three-day beard and grease under his nails, not a blonde with a 41 1/2-inch chest and manicured nails," she said.