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sábado, março 03, 2007

Spain passes transsexuals' name and gender law
Up until now, transsexuals in Spain could only change name and gender officially after a sex change operation and with the approval of law courts.
Spain's parliament on Thursday passed a law allowing transsexuals to change their name and gender on official documents without needing to undergo surgery first.

Transsexual gets insurance hike after operation
A Swedish woman is outraged that her car insurance costs shot up following her gender-reassignment surgery.

[FL,USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Gender identity shouldn't be issue
Today I am ashamed to be a citizen of Largo. I do not know City Manager Steve Stanton, as I am relatively new to Florida and Largo, but I feel that if the city officials and voters did not have any problem with his performance before, the issue of his gender identity should not make any difference now.
Official suspended for transsexual plans
The Largo, Fla., City Commission has suspended the city manager and begun termination procedures after it learned that he plans to become a woman.
Stanton on his way out
Despite emotional pleas from two city commissioners and scores of his supporters, City Manager Steve Stanton was placed on paid administrative leave Feb. 27 after announcing Feb. 21 he planned to become a woman.
Stanton may make case against firing
City Manager Steve Stanton says he wants to keep his job and is seriously considering challenging his pending termination.

Trans Woman Bests Loehmann's
Jane Garra, a tall, leggy blues guitarist with hair flopping into her eyes, is often interrupted during performances at Brooklyn's Buttermilk bar and the Ace Café in Manhattan, accosted by young women with a simple question.Photo: Michael Silverman, an attorney with the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, with his successful client Jane Galla outside Loehmann's department store last week.

Trans firing may cause Lansing Community College to sever partnership with Spring Arbor
LCC officials confirm the state's third largest community college is considering ending a proposed partnership between the two organizations because of SAU's recent firing of Julie Marie Nemecek, who is transgendered, and a series of repressive policies, including an antigay policy.

Right to Sex Change Upheld
A judge has ruled that the city's Administration for Children's Services (ACS) made "misdirected and unsubstantiated claims" that gender-reassignment surgery "is controversial, risky, and experimental" when it refused to provide such procedures for a male-to-female transsexual in its custody.

Photo: Mariah Lopez, a transsexual youth whose efforts to have sexual reassignment surgery have been blocked by the city’s Administration for Children’s Services, has won a court order ordering the agency to arrange for the medical care.

Commission to hear 911 tape on Nizah Morris death
Philadelphia police will play a complete version of the 911 tape of the 2002 incident in which a transgender woman was given a police courtesy ride and found shortly after with a fatal head wound.