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terça-feira, março 06, 2007

Dia 08 de Março pelas 09H30 no Centro de Congressos de Lisboa realiza-se um colóquio com o tema: Igualdade de Género.

O Le Monde diplomatique - edição portuguesa organiza o debate "IVG: O corpo entre leis e lutas", a realizar na quinta-feira 8 de Março - Dia Internacional da Mulher - no Frágil (Rua da Atalaia nº 126, Bairro Alto, Lisboa) a partir das 21h30. Contará com intervenções de Ana Matos Pires, André Pirralha, Fernanda Câncio, Maria José Alves e Miguel Vale de Almeida. A partir das 23h30 começa a festa com DJ Ka§par.

Campanha choque contra a homofobia na Polónia
Está a decorrer neste momento uma campanha fortíssima contra a homofobia na Polónia. Como devem saber, a Polónia é fortemente adversa a questões deste género.

HBS is not transgender
I am somewhat chagrined and mystified by the assertions made by Anna Mallia in her article "Gay marriage is legal" (18 February), and its implications with regard to transsexuals. I am also baffled by the response by Zoe Brain (25 February), in that she claims Harry Benjamin Syndrome (HBS) is somehow related to "transgender conditions".

GH can do operation on transgenders
Tamil Nadu government has issued orders allowing transgenders to undergo sex change operations in the government hospitals of the state, an organisation working for the sexual minorities said.

'All My Children' to Have 6 Transgender People Share Stories
The presence of gays and lesbians has become more frequent mainstream TV. But are audiences really ready for transgender characters? While Rebecca Romijn is portraying a male-to-female transgender character on the hit show "Ugly Betty," the soap opera "All My Children" is taking the biggest leap.

Religious leaders plan Largo protest
Religious leaders in Largo say they will gather at City Hall on Tuesday morning to protest the firing of a top city official.

A transgendered teen's journey
Thirteen-year- old Chris Mari says he always knew he was born the wrong gender. Three years ago, Chris was known as Julia. But he never felt right. And so, with the consent of his mother, the eighth-grader chose to undergo hormone therapy so he could live life as a boy, rather than a girl.

Transsexual speaks at local church
Before Matt Kailey was a man, he was a woman with a different name. After making the choice to become a man, he needed to choose a man's name. So, out of respect for his departed parents, he opened the baby book that they made for him and looked through the list of names they chose back in 1955. If he had been born a boy, he would have been "Matt." With a connection to his parents' wishes, he finally became the man he had always believed himself to be.
Matt Kailey autographs his book for PUU member Gail Barr.
Photo provided by: Laura Hoeppner