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segunda-feira, março 05, 2007

The transgender Oldsmar official
For 47 years, Edward Kozlowski felt trapped in a man's body. In 2003, while chairman of the Oldsmar Code Enforcement Board, he changed his name to Jennifer Edwards and underwent five hours of gender-reassignment surgery.

Largo sex change case draws media attention
Transgender activists say there's only one thing unusual about the case of Largo, Fla., City Manager Steve Stanton: Not that he's being fired for planning to become a woman, but the deluge of publicity he's gotten as a result.
Town rocked by sex-change case
The small Florida town of Largo has been thrust into the national spotlight after its top official revealed that he is preparing for a sex-change.
[Commentary] A generation ago, my music teacher had a sex change
With Largo ousting City Manager Steve Stanton after his revelation that he's preparing for a sex change, my thoughts drift back to the summer of 1971 and an uncomfortable discussion around our dining room table.

[NY, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Gender-Bender's Big Spender
THE ISSUE: A judge's ruling that the city must pay for a man's $20,000 sex-change operation. I think it's unbelievable that the taxpayers have to fork over $20,000 of their hard-earned money to pay for this man's surgery ("Free to be He-She, Feb. 25).

[MI, USA] [Editorial]
Transgender debate: Heat, and yes, light
In recent weeks the small town of Spring Arbor, and its namesake Christian university, have been rocked with an unlikely controversy. John Nemecek, respected and honored professor for 16 years, was dismissed after beginning to present himself as herself -- that is, as Julie Nemecek.