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quinta-feira, março 08, 2007

Transsexual marriage stopped again

The First Hall of the Civil Court accepted a request submitted by the Public Registry Director to refrain from implementing the order given by the Civil Court to issue wedding bans for a transsexual and her partner.

[Saudi Arabia]
Symposium Throws Light on Sex-Correction Operations
When a baby is born, the first question people ask after congratulating the parents is whether the newborn is a boy or a girl. In cases where the parents and the doctors do not know, there is a problem. This is the case with babies born with ambiguous genitalia.

The all new Family conference at Gender Odyssey
We are pleased to announce the first family conference for parents of gender variant and transgender children!

[FL,USA] [Commentary]
How Largo ducked discomfort
As I ponder the case of the banished Largo city manager, Steve Stanton, I can't help wondering this: what other announcements could he have made that would have equaled the shock waves generated by his saying that he would soon become a woman.
Today's Letters: Keep and support our city man
We are property owners in Largo who wish to express our feelings on the matter of City Manager Steve Stanton. We have been proud to live in Largo because of the forward-looking attitude and accomplishments of the city government as administered by the city manager. Our hope is that the City Commission will allow Largo to continue taking its place in the 21st century.
Steve Stanton's Story
"I can't walk away, it's not in my nature": An interview with Largo's suddenly famous transsexual city manager.

[USA] [News/Television]
Trans activists score soap roles
An all-star panel of trans activists moves into the suddenly diverse world of daytime soaps as viewers, as well as a high-profile transgender character, learn about the struggles transgender men and women face in reality.

[CA,USA] [Entertainment]
FTM International San Francisco Announces ‘Clocked: An Oral History’
Female-to-Male International San Francisco this week announced a film produced by its former Co-Chair and Steering Committee Member, Martin Rawlings-Fein. The film, Clocked: An Oral History, is the story of transgender activism and life through the eyes of the people. It is a first person portrait of the transgender community through personal insights, stories and reflections on the meaning of community and being transgender.

The Born Identity
In the post-9/11 world, the transgender community might not have so much of an identity crisis as an identification problem. Gender identity was enough of a headache before the 2001 terrorist attacks ushered in a new era of paranoia and ID checks that is forcing people of fuzzy gender to check "man" or "woman" on an endless stack of government forms.

[IL,USA] [Books/Events]
Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity
For a brief moment in the ‘90s, the phenomenon of passing—the adoption of one identity to hide another—fascinated literary and cultural critics. Discussions about authenticity and belonging with regard to race, gender, and sexuality abounded. Today, the idea of rejecting any part of your identity seems woefully unfashionable. We’re all hybrid mutts now, straining to assert our multilayered selves—you’re no longer just gay, but a gay cowboy from Montana, a Green Party member, of Indian descent, and a drag queen on weekends. If we’re constantly encouraged to display our various origins, are we no longer compelled to pass? In a world where entire months are devoted to every identity under the sun, is passing, well, passé?