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quarta-feira, março 07, 2007

Apresentaçom de Panteras Rosa (Frente de combate à LesBiGayTransFobia) Galiza
As Panteras Rosa estám à solta polas ruas da Galiza a rugir contra a homofobia!
Nasce o núcleo galego da Frente de combate contra a LesBiGayTransfobia. O nosso objectivo é defender com unhas e dentes os direitos de lésbicas, gays, bissexuais e transgéneros.
Somos um colectivo associativo aberto a todas as pessoas interessadas em contribuir para a denúncia e eliminaçom da discriminaçom homofóbica na Galiza.

Legge sull'identità di genere: la Spagna riconosce i transessuali
La legge sull'identità sessuale è stata votata ieri sera, giovedì 1 marzo, dal parlamento spagnolo, per 176 voti contro 124.
Spain eases restrictions on transsexuals
Spain's parliament has passed a law allowing transsexuals to change their name and gender on official documents without needing to undergo surgery first.

Championing transsexuals' rights
A TRANSSEXUAL from Redditch is championing the rights of other gender-swapping people from across the region.

Transgender rights push
Transgendered Ontarians want protection against discrimination spelled out for them more clearly in the provincial human rights code.

Teen murder suspect arrested
Police on Saturday arrested another member of the glue-sniffing youth gang wanted in connection with the murder of Keittirat Longnawa, a 31-year-old transsexual and glue addict who was beaten and had his throat slashed January 31.

Gender identity law considered in New Paltz
Village-based licensed master social worker Sean Endress has seen the devastation people who may look or act a gender different than their biological sex face when they are denied the right to live in certain buildings or denied seats in restaurants.

[NY, USA] [People/Interview]
Transsexual author hopes for understanding
Former professional tennis player Renee Richards, who underwent a sex change operation in 1975, is hoping a new memoir will bring some understanding to what she and other transsexuals face.

UNO professor speaks on transgender issues
Imagine, if you will, waking up one morning and saying to yourself, "Today's the day." You've thought about it for a long time, maybe told your friends and family, and now you finally have the courage to take such a big step and live your life as the person you really are. Today is the day everyone will know.

Sex-change substitute still teaching
An occasional update on local stories that were in the news just a year ago. Lily McBeth may have been born William B. McBeth, but a sex-change in 2005 created a new life for the divorced father of three. It did not stop the 70-something' s love for teaching.
Photo: Lily McBeth

LCC may yank SAU contract
Excerpt: [Lansing Community College] officials say Spring Arbor's treatment of Julie Nemecek violates their nondiscrimination policy, which applies to students, faculty and organizations LCC contracts with.

Supporters rally for sex change city manager
Last week, the Largo City Commission began the process of ousting City Manager Steve Stanton.
Largo urged to live up to its motto
A rally opposing the Largo City Commission's decision last week to fire City Manager Steve Stanton drew about 350 people Tuesday morning.

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Why we need a federal hate-crimes law - and why we can get it
This year marks our best chance yet to get a federal hate-crimes law passed and signed into law. It would give the government the power to prosecute anti-LGBT crimes and law enforcement the resources to investigate them properly. So let's make sure it happens.

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Finding the answers to hate crimes
Andy Marra had many questions when she was punched in the face for being a transgender woman back in November 2006. But instead of giving her answers, her attackers fled. Now she has decided to tell her story, and she is making an appeal for answers about hate crimes.