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sexta-feira, março 16, 2007

Transsexual takes company to court for sacking her

A transsexual geriatric care worker is taking her former company to court, alleging sexual discrimination. Gina Serra says the company’s decision had nothing to do with her professional abilities.

Interdiction de se marier pour une transsexuelle
La Cour civile de Malte interdit, pour une durée de 40 jours, à une femme transsexuelle de se marier avec son partenaire.

Se il politico va a trans, Corona va in galera
Attenzione: lungi da me giustificare le eventuali estorsioni e gli atteggiamenti disinvolti di cui è accusato Fabrizio Corona, il fighissimo titolare di un'agenzia di paparazzi. Però tra le pieghe dell'inchiesta mi sembra di notare, non proprio in primo piano, un elemento che ci potrebbe interessare più da vicino.

Trans people tell their stories on All My Children
The past few years have seen more and more transgender characters popping up in television and film, from Rebecca Romijn playing transwoman Alexis Meade on Ugly Betty to Felicity Huffman taking home a Golden Globe for her role as Bree in TransAmerica to Jeffrey Carlson's role as transitioning M-to-F Zoe in All My Children. Yet while there are more and more transgender parts on the big and small screen, few if any of them have gone to openly transgender actors.

Don't Be Evil (Or A Dyke, Or Trans)
Excerpt: Bay Area transgender, sex-positive queer-porn site Red Handed Porn (redhandedporn. com) signed up as a client of the AdWords service, only to discover that finding AdWords-approved words to describe their brand (and potential clients' brand identity) meant choosing terminology deeply offensive to most transgender individuals. At the same time, they found that terms chosen as respectful self-labels by the trans culture were rejected by AdWords as -- shockingly -- "teen porn concepts." What's more, Red Handed found that even the term "dyke" is considered a four-letter word by the service, while terms that deeply offend trans women are accepted. (Unfortunately, Google did not respond to my request for comment for this piece.)

Stanton given three hours to plead his case
Suspended City Manager Steve Stanton will be given three hours to plead for his job on March 23, beginning at 6 p.m.

Mo. judge rules in transvestite case
Even in the messy legal world of dividing property after a failed romance, this case was exceptional. A Jackson County judge was asked to consider whether a transvestite had misled a former male fiance into believing she was a woman. Ferris Griggs of Kansas City, Kan., sued Josie Garcia of Kansas City, claiming that Garcia had defrauded him by pretending to be a woman.

TransNation: SRLP Founder Fights For Trans Survival
It’s not hate crimes that are threatening trans survival. It’s governmental bureaucracies. So argues attorney Dean Spade, who founded the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) in 2002 to provide free legal services to low-income and minority individuals facing gender discrimination. He also authors numerous papers and essays for anthologies like Transgender Rights; he co-edits and has teaches at such prestigious institutions as Harvard, Columbia and UCLA.