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quarta-feira, março 14, 2007

Represented in court by Jose Herrera and David Camilleri, the 25 year old transsexual woman is defending her right of marriage after the public registrar demanded the court to reject the woman's proposition.
Response against the director of the Public Registry presented in court
Following a declaration made by the director of the Public Registry regarding the issuing of wedding bans for Joanne Cassar, a transsexual, in which he appealed against the decision made by the court to order the issue of the bans, a response by Cassar was presented today in court.

Muslim couple to be separated if Malaysian court finds husband was once a woman
Malaysian authorities are seeking to annul the marriage of a Muslim couple, claiming the husband was born a woman and the wedding was an illegal same-sex union, a court official said Tuesday.

[Canada] [Opinion]
UNCOMMONLY THOUGHTFUL: It ain't easy being a woman
The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine - let's call her Beth - who self-identifies as a woman. She brought this fact up and asked me whether this was a problem. Beth said, "I know that I'm enforcing the gender binary," but she really feels that identifying as a woman and being identified as such has profoundly affected her life.

Health department warns of silicone parties
Illegal so-called pumping parties, where people pay $500 to $1,000 for injections of silicone to plump up body parts, from the face to hips, are causing people to develop serious, life-threatening health problems, the Michigan Department of Community Health warned Monday.

Empathetic with Stanton
The Rev. Erin Swenson says she has a good sense of what Largo City Manager Steve Stanton is going through as he faces dismissal for planning to become a woman.

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Boost work force, reverse brain drain by passing law on sexual orientation
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have historically and pervasively been singled out for discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Transsexual professor settles with Spring Arbor
A transsexual professor has settled her discrimination complaint against Spring Arbor University in Jackson County, the Christian university announced today.
Fired transgender professor, Michigan Christian school settle dispute
A transgender professor who was fired by a Christian university in Michigan has reached a settlement in her discrimination complaint.