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domingo, março 25, 2007

Une transsexuelle de Barcelone au cœur de deux affaires judiciaires

Gina Serra est la première transsexuelle à porter plainte devant la justice espagnole pour licenciement discriminatoire. Employée dans une clinique gériatrique, elle considère qu'elle a été remerciée au bout de 10 jours par ses employeurs à cause de son identité de genre.

La Policía sospecha de una travesti
El juez de Instrucción Formal 7, Jorge Raúl Sosa Vallejo, solicitó la captura internacional de un travesti que se encuentra en la mira de los investigadores del crimen de Sergio "Pelusa" Liendro, ocurrido el 29 de noviembre pasado en el barrio 20 de Febrero de esta ciudad, en inmediaciones del estadio Delmi.

NEW: Hundreds gather for slain transgendered woman
A crowd of almost 200 people gathered in San Francisco Friday evening to mourn the death of Ruby Rodriguez, a 24 year-old transgendered woman who was murdered on March 16.
Series Of Unsolved Transgender Murders (Video)
Friends of a transgender San Francisco resident murdered last week are holding a vigil in the Mission District. The community says there's been a number of these murders recently.

[VT, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Scare tactics create confusion
Stephen Cable's op-ed against the bill to protect gender identity (S.51, H.228) is rife with logical contradictions. Yes, gender identity disorder and gender dysphoria are classified in the diagnostic manuals. A diagnosis is required to begin treatment. Cable suggests that the "largest danger" of the bill would be sending a message that such illness is healthy, "rather than encouraging treatment and recovery," but he appears not to understand that treatment in this case means hormonal or surgical sex-reassignment, not "curing" the patient to conform to the sex assigned at birth. It would be precisely these people undergoing treatment who would be covered by the bill. What the bill does is prevent discrimination based on prejudice — prejudice Cable strives to perpetuate.

Couple says ‘I do’ after judge says ‘They can’
A transsexual and a woman were married Friday after a judge found there was no legal reason to prevent it.
Milwaukee County Circuit Judge David Hansher said he had spoken to a doctor who advised that Barbara Lynn Terry, 58, remained a man physically even though he lives as a female.
"However, if he had wished to marry a man, the court would have decided otherwise and refused to marry them since this would be an invalid same-sex marriage under the law," the judge said in a prepared statement.
Terry, born in Iowa as Ronald Terry, married 22-year-old Australian Nicole Winstanley.
Milwaukee County Clerk Mark Ryan said the pair applied for a marriage license March 5 and a license was issued March 12.
He said they showed documents stating that Terry was a male and Winstanley was a female and made a sworn statement to that effect.
Mrs. and Mrs. Terry are man and wife
Despite Wisconsin's same-sex marriage ban, Barbara Lynn Terry and Nicole Winstanley carried purses into a judge's office Friday and emerged as Mrs. and Mrs. Terry.
PHOTO: Barbara Lynn Terry (left) grabs ahold of her new wife, Nicole Winstanley Terry, after their wedding Friday in a Milwaukee County courtroom. Barbara Lynn Terry was born Ronald Francis Terry and has not undergone gender-reassignment surgery, making the couple's marriage legal. Photo/Kristyna Wentz-Graff

Stanton Looses Job Appeal (Same Vote as Before)
After listening to hours of impassioned testimony, the Largo City Commission voted 5-2 to terminate embattled city manager Steve Stanton.
Fla. City Fires Trans Worker Despite Last Minute Pleas
City commissioners early Saturday finalized the firing of a city manager who is seeking a sex-change operation, despite pleas from dozens of impassioned supporters to save his job.
Despite outcry, Stanton is fired
Largo again votes 5-2; dozens testify his gender change shouldn't matter.
Crowd came to praise Stanton
A few opponents were outside City Hall for the ex-city manager's appeal of his firing.
Photo gallery: Commissioners reaffirm their decision to fire Stanton
St. Petersburg Times, FL, USA
Largo Confirms Stanton Ouster
Largo's city commission voted 5-2 to uphold its Feb. 27 decision to begin the firing process for its city manager. After listening to six hours of presentations and public comment during Stanton's appeal, all seven commissioners repeated their earlier votes.