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sexta-feira, março 30, 2007

Sábado, dia 31, segundo informações não confirmadas, sairá na revista Única do jornal Expresso uma reportagem sobre Transexualidade. Quem estiver interessado é ter atenção e ver se sai.

18-year-old revealed trans experience in TV documentary
One of the UK's youngest transsexuals has appeared in a documentary to explain to a wider audience the reality of her experiences.
Lucy, 18, explained the common traumatic experience that many trans people feel when they reach puberty. photo: BBC


Il caso di una avvocatessa. «Io, avvocato transessuale scomunicata dal vescovo»

RIMINI - Automobilista rapinato da transessuale in via Varisco

Si trovava a bordo della sua automobile in via Varisco quando improvvisamente è stato avvicinato da un trans che l'ha minacciato e rapinato di un centinaio di euro.


Un botta e risposta indimenticabile restituisce il senso di molte pellicole a tematica trans. Nel film «Stonewall», che tratta della rivolta del 1969 contro le retate della polizia nel locale omosex e trans «Stonewall Inn» di New York, la protagonista è la Miranda (un maschio biologico con una forte componente femminile).

Bologna: 70enne rapinato da transessuali, 2 arresti

Un uomo di 70 anni è stato rapinato nel centro di Bologna da due transessuali che per adescarlo hanno finto di avere bisogno di aiuto.

Murders Of Chile's Transgender People Mount

At approximately 8 a.m. on the morning of March 16, authorities discovered the lifeless body of a transgender prostitute. Family members later identified her as 54-year-old Michelle Carrasco - or "Chela," as her friends called her.
PHOTO: Chela Carrasco was beaten to death on March 15

MOVILH Warns Transgender People To Stay Out Of Region V
The Movement for Homosexual Integration and Freedom (MOVILH), Chile's leading advocacy group for sexual minorities, issued a public alert this week, warning all transgender and transsexual people to stay clear of Region V.

[South Korea]
Transgendered people to file for legal recognition
A group of transgendered people will file a suit in April to seek the legal right to change their genders in their family registries, a civic group said Thursday.

Memorial Tuesday for Nadia Cabezas
A memorial service for Nadia Cabezas will be held Tuesday, April 3 at 2 p.m. at St. Anthony's Foundation, 121 Golden Gate Avenue, second floor, in San Francisco. Ms. Cabezas, known to many in the community as Kitty Kastro, died March 5 after she was struck by a car on a highway in Porter County, Indiana. She was 40.

Friends mourn Ruby Ordeñana
It was still light out as nearly 200 friends and LGBT community members gathered in front of the 24th Street BART station in the early evening Friday, March 23 to remember Latina transgender Ruby Ordeñana, who was found dead on a city sidewalk on March 16.
Marlena Hernandez speaks at the vigil for Ruby Ordeñana. The banner says, "We are your daughters and sons. Do not forget us." Photo: Rick Gerharter

[USA] [Blogs/Commentary]
Trans Death Rate A Nightmare
Though horrific, Ruby Ordenana's murder last week in San Francisco hardly qualifies as original. The 27-year old woman's violent death counts as just one of many tranny-related murders. The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition reports that since 1995, at least fifty trans persons under the age of 30 have been brutalized simply for their physical "deviance". And that number will only continue to rise.

Program Aims to Overcome 'Transgenderphobia'
The Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center said it has launched a new program to help transgender people "develop the skills and confidence" to find rewarding jobs with companies that are "friendly" to them.

[FL, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Firing of Steve Stanton
Commissioner Gay Gentry would ask everyone who has heard of the firing of City Manager Steve Stanton to believe that it was for his management style, not his transitioning from male to female. I cannot believe her nor should anyone else. This was simply a way to get rid of someone who has "embarrassed Largo in a very public way."
Steve Stanton
I just read of how Steve Stanton has been fired from his job for seeking a sex change operation. How sad that the leaders of the city of Largo could not model a more compassionate and inclusive way of dealing with difference. They should consider the fact that there are others in their community who are struggling with this issue.

Ex-her might be him, but alimony same
In a mixed ruling for Florida's transgendered community, a state circuit judge Wednesday dismissed a Seminole man's request to halt alimony payments because his ex-wife had a sex change.