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quinta-feira, março 29, 2007

Still Separate, Still Unequal
A bill designed to offer anti-discrimination protection to Maryland's transgender population failed in the state's Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, surprising advocates.

Man says ex-wife's sex change should end alimony obligation
Lawrence Roach agreed to pay alimony to the woman he divorced, not the man she became after a sex change, his lawyers argued in a Florida court Tuesday in an effort to end the payments.

Today's Letters: Mayor Gerard was courageous, eloquent
To Largo Mayor Pat Gerard: After watching excerpts of the hearing regarding the firing of Steve Stanton on CNN, I can appreciate that you've had a difficult week. I want to congratulate you for the courage you exhibited when standing up to the City Commission and giving eloquent voice to the minority viewpoint. I'm sorry that the majority of your commissioners hold ignorant, bigoted and medieval beliefs.