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segunda-feira, abril 09, 2007

Now, a Tamil movie with transgenders in lead
In a first-of-its- kind venture, a Tamil commercial film with transgenders in lead roles is in the making in a serious attempt at portraying the trials and tribulations of the third gender.

When She Graduates as He
There's a battle brewing at the Seven Sisters over the growing population of transgender students. The question at its core: What kind of women's college awards diplomas to men?

[USA] [News/Commentary]
CWA to Feds: It's Time to Investigate Fake "Hate Crimes" Reports
Excerpt: According to FBI statistics, there were nearly 1.4 million violent crimes in 2005. Of those, little more than 1,000 were reported as "hate crimes" directed against homosexuals or crossdressers. A full one-third of that 1,000 were reports of "intimidation" or "hateful" words as opposed to violent acts.