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terça-feira, maio 01, 2007

GRIP – Grupo de Reflexão e Intervenção da ILGA-Portugal e a rede ex aequo vão realizar uma workshop com o tema “Trans Formação – Perspectivar a Transsexualidade no Activismo LGBT”.
A workshop, com entrada livre a todos os que estiverem ligados aos movimentos LGBT portugueses, vai focar uma temática dupla: o desconhecimento da sociedade, e o do associativismo, em relação à realidade Transsexual. Vai ser já no próximo dia 5 de Maio, sábado, no espaço
Maria Vai Com as Outras, no Porto, com início às 14:30h. Quem estiver ligado ao associativismo LGBT, e quiser participar, deve fazer a pré-inscrição, até dia 3, para o endereço

Seria interessante saber-se o que se entende, neste texto, por "todos os que estiverem ligados aos movimentos LGBT". Implica serem associados a algum "movimento" (movimento=associações?) ? Ou simpatizantes também contam? E já agora, activistas individuais (que não pertencem a nenhuma associação) também contam? Ou são excluídos?

Employee nicknamed 'lady boy' awarded £22k
A 34 year-old Vietnamese woman who was referred to as 'lady boy' by her employers has been awarded £22,000 in compensation after winning her claim for racial and sexual discrimination.

[China] [People]
Gender bender dancer
A former military colonel, Jin Xing acknowledges that it was her sex change that propelled her to stardom.

[UK/USA] [Blog/News/Film/Television]
Worlds of Wonder is the same production house that produced TransGeneration. The first episode of Sex Change Hospital will be shown on Channel 4 in the UK very soon, and will be premiered at the Frameline Film Festival during San Francisco Pride weekend in May.

[International] [News/Religion/ Commentary]
Transhumanism 101: Vatican To Face Tough Questions Over What It Means To Be Male, Female, HUMAN!?
Excerpt: The debate over recognizing homosexual unions will undoubtedly continue in public opinion polls, but a related issue of unusual proportions is on the horizon and is certain to make resolutions by Vatican and similar councils interesting. It not only will involve changes in laws regarding "gender definition" as a result of sex-change operations, but a related subject, transhumanism, both of which will challenge the orthodox rendering of "the divine order." ... Until now, people submitting to sex-reassignment remained legally defined as a man/woman regardless of physical enhancement or alteration. Legal definitions were based on existing reproduction limitations. Sex-change operations did not acquire necessary internal organs for procreation during the procedure and individuals continued to be defined by birth gender.

His-And-Her Decision
It is the most e-mailed story in my local newspaper. My guess is you'll hear about it wherever you live, and not only by reading this column.
Mike is becoming Christine.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
'Sexual Orientation' And 'Gender Identity' Protection Is A Slippery Slope
Congress is making a serious mistake by providing federal protection for "sexual orientation" and "gender identity." These terms include a wide variety of sexual orientations outside of normal heterosexuality. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published by the American Psychiatric Association, lists a whole range of sexual orientations that may end up being "protected" by passage of ENDA or H.R. 1592.

[USA] [Blog Commentary/Television]
Barbara Walters interview with transgender children makes waves
On Friday night, I caught part of the much talked about 20/20 Barbara Walters interview with transgender children. Overall, I was impressed with the program and its portrayal of transgender youth and their families. In a time when legislation about gender identity and expression is being considered in a number of states, this kind of visibility is vital. I hope this show cleared up some of the misconceptions around gender identity and helped change the hearts and minds of the people who viewed it. If nothing else, it has definitely sparked an important dialogue.