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segunda-feira, abril 30, 2007

[Jamaica] [Editorial]
Barbarity has no place here
The graphic images accompanying the lead story in yesterday's Daily Observer should be cause for great concern, not to mention evidence with which to initiate a prosecution against those pictured beating and kicking a cross-dresser in Falmouth's Water Square on Friday morning.
[Commentary] Gays again?
Every time that I conclude that the gay debate is over, I realise that I can't turn my back on it. Rather, it is an issue that sensible well-thinking Jamaicans must confront.In recent weeks, there has been a spate of encounters between the public and the gay minority. Most of the scenes and some of the participants were ugly.

Transgendered hail Government Order
Members of the transgendered community thanked the Tamil Nadu Government for its order issued last month recognising their rights to healthcare and education.

Debate on eunuchs’ rights hinges on research into community
The debate over giving rights to the eunuch community in Pakistan hinges on the premise that more information needs to be gathered about them. At the same time, eunuchs are reluctant to give more information about themselves, as it is their very mystery and unseen “powers” that give them sway over common folk.

[USA] [Television]
'Born in the Wrong Body'
Transgender youth share their stories in an MSNBC documentary
"Born in the Wrong Body" debuts on Monday, April 30, and Wednesday, May 2, at 10 p.m. ET on MSNBC
In almost every way, Jake is a typical 16-year-old boy.

[USA] [Commentary]
It's either (sex) change -- or die
While Mike Penner has been a sportswriter at the Los Angeles Times for 23 years, his average story doesn't produce more than a half-million hits on the Times' Web site. Then again, his typical story doesn't alert readers that, after a brief vacation, he will return to the beat as Christine Daniels.

[OR, USA] [People/Books]
A memoir of gender change analyzes 'not fitting
Raised a woman, Portland writer Aaron Raz Link became a man -- a gay man -- at the age of 29.

[OH, USA] [Blog/Law/Commentary]
Custody terms changed over child's gender identity issues
The Court of Appeals of Ohio, 7th District, approved a decision by the Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas that custody of a young boy exhibiting signs that he wanted to be treated as a girl should be switched from his mother, who had actively acknowledged this trend and planned to smooth her son's voyage of gender transition, to his father, who actively opposed this conclusion and rejected the contention that his son is transsexual.