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domingo, maio 06, 2007

Transsexual steals 50,000 Baht from Englishman sheltering from the rain
Early on Friday Morning, Mr. Roy Corlett aged 34 from England made a complaint at Pattaya Police Station which detailed a suspected theft which had taken place in the car park of a Condominium Complex in Soi 13, South Pattaya.

Goodhandy's is a lively downtown 'shemale' bar - and the weirdest thing is the bartender's straight
Up the stairs we go, above the din of an Irish pub, past the adults-only warning sign, through the dark door, into ... What? What?

Berkeley employees may receive sex-change benefits
City looks into cost for insurance coverage for its 1,500 workers

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For transgender community, House pleases where ‘U’ falls short
The House of Representatives passed a progressive addendum to hate-crime legislation yesterday that the University’s Board of Regents has avoided adding to the University’s own bylaws for years.

Trans community angered over Detroit News coverage of murder
A series of stories in The Detroit News has angered members of the trans community and has them calling for greater sensitivity from the mainstream media. The stories, which ran April 19-20, reported on the murder of Robert Armstrong, a 46-year-old father of two from Canton Township who was murdered by a man with whom he allegedly had a sexual encounter. The complaints on the coverage are many, but begin with the usage of one simple word: transvestite.

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Christine Daniels: The Blog and The Interview
Christine Daniels, the sportswriter formerly known as Mike Penner, has returned from her short leave, and is now living as a female. She is writing a blog that is apparently topping the charts in the blogosphere, and has recently given her first live interview, which is available on the internet.
Christine's Brave New World
It is rare that a newspaper comes up with something that is actually new. But such an occasion occurred recently.
Email from the edge
Ninety-nine- point-and- then-some percent of the messages I have received in the last week, my first week out as Christine, have been supportive, sympathetic, encouraging, understanding, touching, and moving -- basically, the most overwhelmingly pleasant shock of my life. I would like to individually thank everyone who has written, but if I did, I'd get even less sleep than I did before my concerned psychiatrist wrote me up a prescription for a sleeping aid on Tuesday.