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sexta-feira, maio 04, 2007

Luxuria, la sua vita in un'autobiografia
Si chiama "Chi ha paura della muccassassina? ", (Bompiani, 16,5 euro) ed è l'attesa autobiografia che l'onorevole Vladimir Luxuria sta dando alle stampe.

Fired transsexual city manager is a front-runner for new job
The Largo city manager who was fired after revealing his plans to have a sex change has become a front-runner for the same job in Sarasota.

Tucson to host transgender summit
A local lobby of GLBT groups has recruited a new international conference to Tucson — Transgender 2008: "Toward a Greater Diversity."

Cross-Dressing Student Returns To School
A male Eastern Hills High School student who dresses as a female will be returning to class after being suspended for using foul language.
FW Male Student Allowed To Attend School As Female
Make-up, high heels and tight blue jeans may not be unusual for high school, but what if it's a teenage boy who is wearing that to class?

Transgender Inequities
The author writes: 'This is a letter I wrote that was just published in the May 2007 issue of "The American Lawyer" [in response to their] March 2007 article which can be found here: http://www.conwayla wordpress/ ?p=60
The American Lawyer isn't online, but a pdf of my letter is at http://www.helenboy docs/americanlaw yer_donna. pdf , and the text is as follows (the heading is the magazine's, not mine)"

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Few things are more primal than our bodily functions. While some guys may be able to duck into an alley and write their name on the wall, most folks prefer to locate a restroom before relieving themselves. That search, already challenging in many urban environments, becomes especially arduous for women and men who are trans or gender ambiguous, as they face harassment, discrimination, hostility, violence and arrest for using the “wrong” bathroom.