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quinta-feira, maio 24, 2007

Transexualidad-Euskadi pide el voto para PSE
El colectivo de transexuales Transexualidad-Euskadi pidió el voto favorable para el Partido Socialista en las próximas elecciones forales y municipales de este domingo. Desde la asociación aseguraron que el Partido Socialista "ha demostrado su comprensión y sensibilización ante las demandas de la comunidad transexual, tanto a nivel nacional, como autonómico".

Mistaken identity
On Monday, psychiatrist Russell Reid was censured for improperly authorising five sex changes. Claudia, whom Reid approved for gender reassignment 20 years ago, tells Julie Bindel how she was rushed into the operation - and quickly came to regret it.

UK's first sex-swap mayor to be sworn in
A man who had a sex swap is set to become the UK's first transgender mayor, the Local Government Association said today.
First sex-swap mayor to be sworn in - and the mayoress used to be a man
A man who had a sex swap is set to become the UK's first transgender mayor - and his mayoress has had a sex change too.
The world's first sex change mayor and mayoress: Jenny Bailey (right) with partner Jennifer Liddle

Lesbian candidate a first for Japan
Japan's second largest political party, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), announced that Kanako Otsuji, the first openly lesbian politician in Japan, will be one of the party's official candidates for this summer's National Diet (parliament) election.

Sex-change husband could be jailed for life
A judge in Pakistan has told a couple that their marriage was against the law and against Islam as they were both women, even though the bridegroom had a sex-change operation 16 years ago.
Pak has no law that deals with same sex unions
The recent discovery of the same sex female couple in Pakistan, unprecedented in the country's history and taken with shock by the public, has raised many moral, cultural, religious and legal questions which are not easy to be addressed by the court of law which has already served them with a show cause notice to explain as to why they should not be tried under the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) for committing an `unnatural act'.
Un transexual y una mujer, en prisión preventiva en Pakistán por casarse
Se enfrentan a un mínimo de dos años y un máximo de cadena perpetua porque en este país, que considera su boda un "acto innatural".
Zerolo pide liberación de transexual y su mujer, encarcelados por matrimonio
El secretario de Movimientos Sociales y Relaciones con las ONG del PSOE, Pedro Zerolo, pidió hoy la liberación inmediata del transexual masculino Shumail Raj y su mujer, Shahzina Tariq, encarcelados en Pakistán para ser juzgados por contraer matrimonio homosexual.

El sindicato Amanda Jofré expresó su preocupación a la División de Organizaciones Sociales (DOS) del Ministerio Secretaría General de Gobierno por la violencia que afecta a las personas transexuales y transgéneros en la Quinta Región.

[FL,USA] [Editorial]
The witch hunt has begun
The city of Largo's embarrassing and wasteful foray into the Steve Stanton issue is not going to end anytime soon.
[News/Commentary] Column on Susan stirs up readers
The responses to my column on Sarasota city manager candidate Susan Stanton have led me to a conclusion.
Stanton stars at a fundraiser
Equality Florida benefits from the former Largo official's presence.

[USA] [Blog/Interview]
TVC’s And NARTH’s Use Of The Derogatory Term ‘Shemale’
Daniel talks with Autumn (a trans contributor at Ex-Gay Watch) about the TVC's and NARTH's use of the derogatory term "shemale." Most recently the TVC used the term in a political cartoon attacking the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, currently in Congress. Autumn notes the term is used almost exclusively in either pornography or by anti-gay/trans activists.

The Transg-ENDA Agenda: Man in a Purple Pants Suit Invades the Ladies Room in Md.
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Exclusive