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sexta-feira, maio 25, 2007

Esta vem das minhas memórias mais antigas. Foi com estas séries que comecei a aprender a gostar de ficção científica. Esta vem de 1964, tinha eu seis anos de idade e adorava ficar frente à televisão a devorar cada episódio. Bem, com o tempo que as séries demoravam a chegar a Portugal na altura, não sei se teria realmente seis anos, mas andava por aí, entre os seis e os oito. Presentemente estas séries estão obsoletas (estarão?) e infelizmente foram remetidas para o esquecimento, mas na altura inflamavam a imaginação. Seria bom um regresso, em horário nobre para as crianças, para que também alargassem os horizontes...

Esta série teve várias tentativas de regressar, mas como já não eram feitas com marionetas, perderam um pouco da magia que tinham (séries com pessoas reais, por exemplo, e uma série em desenho animado passada em 2086, que teve pouca aceitação). Enfim...

I paint to drive out my pain, says sex-change artist
CONTROVERSIAL former child star Lauren Harries said people who call her “insane” now have an excuse.
The 29-year-old, who became a woman after a sex change operation in 2001, is an artist and is preparing for her first art exhibition.

Sex Swap Mayor & Mayoress
A mayor and mayoress know the needs of both sexes in their city...because they both used to be men.
Double first for sex-change mayor and her mayoress
For 800 years a colourful roll-call of men and women has stepped forward to set precedents in the honourable post of the Mayor of Cambridge.
Never before has there been a woman who was born a man.

Atelier sur l'intersexuation en Europe à l'Université del'Umeå en Suède.
Dr. Silvía García-Dauder, membre du conseil de l'OII, animera un atelier sur l'intersexuation avec deux autres collègues. Cet atelier abordera la controverse autour du changement de la terminologie (en faveur de DSD - Troubles du développement sexuel) aux USA et terminera avec un exposé sur la situation des personnes intersexes en Espagne.

Eunuch gives shelter to unwanted girls
Eunuchs of this west Madhya Pradesh town have set an example by adopting abandoned female infants.

Trans ban in St Kilda
Two women-only rooming houses in St Kilda have been granted the right to refuse access to transsexual tenants.

[USA] [Blog]
Marvel Comics' Ultron is World's First Transsexual Cyborg
Ultron is a totally awesome android supervillain, and two months ago she became the first male-to-female transsexual cyborg supervillain. Though Ultron has had many forms -- my favorite being the giant robot one he had in Runaways -- this is the first time Ultron has gone girly.

Judge Finds Evidence of Intolerance in Fire Department
A D.C. Superior Court judge says there's evidence that firefighters harassed a woman who was hired to teach a transgendered- sensitivity course.
[Blog/News/Commentary] Firefighters harassed teacher of sensitivity course
This is the kind of story that leaves me between teary and angry.
Many know the story of 1995 death of Tyra Hunter, a transgendered woman left to die by EMS personnel after it was discovered she had a penis.

Jacksonville sting nets 3 escorts, 1 was transsexual
The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrested three peopleTuesday on prostitution charges after an undercover escort sting.

Chicago SM club under fire for anti-trans policy
As thousands of leathermen head to Chicago for this weekend's International Mr. Leather contest, one group won't be welcome at a Windy City gay SM club – those who are transgender.

Reported violence against LGBT community decreases
Reported attacks on LGBT individuals decreased 3 percent nationally in 2006. San Francisco is in line with the rest of the United States with an 11 percent decrease in reported violent attacks, but two alarming trends surfaced: murders or deaths of transgender women and sexual assaults against gay men, according to a report by Community United Against Violence released Tuesday, May 22.

Implants Are Back, and So Is Debate
WITH silicone breast implants back on the market, a debate over follow-up care is roiling the plastic surgery community, even as more women are choosing to have their breasts surgically enlarged.

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Media Bias on Transgenders Raising Concerns
Growing media coverage and portrayals of the transgendered life have led some Christians to raise the red flag on a movement beginning to go more public much like the homosexual one already has.

Vermont Bans Trans Discrimination
Vermont became the ninth state in the nation to ban discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations based on gender identity after Jim Douglas, that state's Republican governor, signed the law on May 22.

Suspect arrested in 2005 murder of female impersonator
After two years, authorities believe they have solved the murder of a female impersonator from the Valley who was brutally killed in Yuma.
Arrest made in Amancio Corrales homicide case
Ruben Solorio is in custody in connection with the two-year-old murder of a Amancio Corrales, a female impersonator whose body was found in the Colorado River near Yuma.
The body of Amancio Corrales, left, was found May 6, 2005, in shallow water of the Colorado River. Ruben Solorio, right, was arrested Wednesday in the case.