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domingo, setembro 14, 2008

Benavente: tanque derramou uma tonelada de nafta
Acidente ocorreu na Fábrica de Tomate Idal, mas situação já está a ser colmatada
Quercus exige inquérito sobre o derrame da IDAL
Ambientalistas recordam a nova legislação sobre responsabilidade ambiental

[UK] [Video]
"Lucy: Teen Transsexual in Thailand" (2007)
The BBC documentary "Lucy: Teen Transsexual in Thailand" (56 min.) can be viewed online at ...
An article from Pink News about the documentary can be read here ...
BBC3 commissions new teen transexual documentary

Le pape et le trans-sexuel
Monica est trans-sexuel. Et catholique. Samedi, elle a assisté avec les VIP à la messe des Invalides, même si les "les papes, c'est tous des hypocrites". Rencontre.

Alecs, l'homme qui s'appelait Anja
Parlementaire à Zurich, 32ans, Anja Recher a décidé de devenir un homme et de médiatiser son histoire.
Cuando Anja se convierte en Alecs
Una diputada electa al Parlamento de Zúrich cambia de sexo

‘Alondra’ loses custody battle
The Jalisco state government has again denied child custody to the first transgender Mexican to fight for her parental rights in court.
After a two-year battle, the State Family Commission rejected Alberto"Alondra" Avila's second appeal to regain full custody of her10-year-old daughter.
Avila adopted her daughter as a baby and raised her for ten years before a social worker recommended she be removed to an orphanage. The worker said Avila was "unfit" to be a parent.
Avila says she is being discriminated against solely because of her sexual identity.
The original ruling concluded Avila, a restaurant worker, couldn't support her child financially. But in subsequent rulings commission director Claudia Corona Marseille said that Avila lived an "immoral" lifestyle that jeopardized her daughter [see the Reporter's June 16, 2007 article "Mother battles lifestyle judgment " for more details on the case].
The commission has refused to consider evidence submitted on behalf of Avila, including a psychological evaluation showing her to be a legitimately employed, mentally fit parent.
Avila is allowed weekly, supervised visits with her daughter. She says she will appeal the decision in court.

Pide diputado David Sánchez Camacho dictar Ley de Derechos de Personas Transgénero y Transexuales
El secretario de la Comisión de Atención a Grupos Vulnerables de la Cámara de Diputados, David Sánchez Camacho (PRD), hizo un llamado a las Comisiones legislativas de Justicia y Derechos Humanos para que dictaminen la iniciativa de Ley Federal para la No Discriminación de los Derechos Humanos y Civiles de las Personas Transgénero y Transexuales, la cual se presentó desde el pasado mes de marzo del 2007.
Exhorta Alternativa a legalizar identidad de personas transgénero.
La bancada de Alternativa en la Cámara de Diputados exhortó a las comisiones de Justicia y de Derechos Humanos a dictaminar la iniciativa de ley que obligaría al Estado mexicano a reconocer y manifestar el derecho de las personas a su identidad sexogenérica y a que concuerde con su cuerpo.

Ejecutivo de La Matanza rechazó la ordenanza sobre identidad de género
El proyecto de ordenanza que establecía que las personas transexuales fueran llamadas en los centros de atención de salud por el nombre que eligieron, fue rechazado este jueves por el Poder Ejecutivo comunal, através del subsecretario de salud Juan Pablo Incocciati. La ordenanza había sido aprobada por 24 concejales matanceros e instaba y era considerado un avance en favor del reconocimiento de los derechos de la Comunidad Trans en el marco del respeto por la identidad de género.

[Singapore] [Blog/Commentary]
Gender Confused Kids? Who's confused here?
I read with concern The New Paper's front-page article on MOE's ongoing efforts to train teachers to counsel gender-confused kids (TNP. 11 Sep 08). My question is - do the counselling sessions aim to help the child find his/her true gender identity or influence transgender youth to conform to social norms?

If one of us ain’t free ...
Excerpt: IN August last year, reported that a transsexual woman in Malacca had been brutally assaulted, allegedly by state religious officers, who also detained her because she was a man dressed as a woman, and that is an offence.