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terça-feira, outubro 14, 2008

Parada gay encheu a praia de Copacabana
Segundo a organização, 1,5 milhões de pessoas, incluindo políticos, desfilaram contra a homofobia.

Parada Gay do Rio
Com a temperatura na casa dos 25 graus e sol firme, cerca de 1,5 milhão de pessoas participaram da 13a. Parada do Orgulho LGBT do Rio, segundo informações da assessoria de imprensa do Grupo Arco-Íris. A PM estimou em cerca de 500 mil o número de pessoas na Orla de Copacabana.

Walliams: My book is emotional
David Walliams, known for dressing up as a 'lady' for his sketch show Little Britain, has written a children's book about a cross-dressing boy - but he has said writing it was nothing like writing TV comedy.

GREENWICH: Resident is Japan's first transsexual geisha
The reaction Mary Murdoch gets from walking down her street is very different to how she was greeted in Japan.
Born Malcolm Murdoch, the 68-year-old says she recently became the first transsexual geisha on a visit to Kyoto.
Trans woman gains acceptance as geisha in Japan
A pre-op trans woman claims she became the first ever transsexual geisha after a visit to Kyoto.

Stuck between ‘he’ and ‘she’
EUNUCHS commonly known as khusras or hijras are part of this world and they have dreams, emotions and fears just like normal people.

Concert or funeral for 'drag queen'?
SOME 2,000 well-wishers turned up to say their last goodbyes to popular getai performer Lim Lee, causing traffic to crawl at Bedok Reservoir Road on Saturday afternoon.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
What The Hell Is The UK’s Stonewall Thinking?
It really bothers me that when an LGB or LGBT organization honors someone who speaks against the interest of the broader LGBT community's T's.