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domingo, outubro 05, 2008

Sócrates não avança com a energia nuclerar
Secretário-geral do PS afirma que ideia no país nunca terá consenso social suficientemente forte para andar

Salud pagará en Málaga la cirugía de cambio de sexo a los transexuales tratados en Avilés
El coordinador de Xente Gai debe pasar antes de la operación las pruebas que ya superó en Avilés y soportar lista de espera.
«Si no salgo del quirófano siendo lo que realmente soy, prefiero quedarme dentro»
MANÉ FERNÁNDEZ NORIEGA Coordinador del área de transexuales de Xega y primer asturiano de la unidad avilesina que se operará en Málaga

Documentary on transgenders enters London festival
Aimed at breaking the stereotypical depiction of the third gender in Indian cinema, a film by a city-based journalist has made it to the three-day London Transgender Film Festival in November.

Dr Patrick White nominated to be Bishop of Bermuda
Excerpt: The issue of amending the Human Rights Act to include sexual orientation, has been a hot topic, that came under scrutiny when former Tourism Minister Renee Webb introduced a bill to have it included two years ago.

The transsexual’s story
"I left in 1999 and went illegally first to Mexico and then to the US. I was in the closet when I left and the economic situation was bad. I was begging for food in Mexico. Eventually I ended up in Dallas, homeless and living in the Salvation Army's shelter. Then I met another transsexual. She helped me get some work selling myself on the corner. Then I began going to nightclubs and picking up men and going to their apartment to have sex with them for money. I saw everyone else with cars and TVs, I wanted that and pretty soon I had it.

Lenda do surfe australiano pretende mudar de sexo
Ele tinha cabelos dourados, era um herói do surfe mundial conhecido por sua beleza e manobras mortais. Agora, o antigo campeão mundial Peter Drouyn está querendo surfar em outras praias: ele quer se tornar mulher. E o australiano, de 58 anos, não quer ser qualquer mulher, ele quer ficar parecido com a estrela de Hollywood Marilyn Monroe e ter um novo nome: Westerly.

Champion surfer seeks sex change
A former world champion Australian surfer has revealed he is transitioning into a woman. (Photo)
Peter Drouyn prepares himself for a sex-change

[USA/UK] [Blog/Commentary]
Snap-happy Ken Zucker and Richard Green compiling a Transgender Enemies album?
Has-been sexologist Richard Green (author of transphobic classic TheSissy-Boy Syndrome) and his hand-picked successor Kenneth Zucker (thekey proponent of reparative therapy on gender-variant children), haveboth been busy compiling surveillance photos of anyone in thetransgender community who dares to criticize them.

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Still Standing: Musings of a Christian Transsexual
Still Standing: Musings of a Christian Transsexual by Cindy Martin has been released. The book is a compilation of essays and short stories written by Martin, a post-operative transsexual, during her transition from male to female.