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sexta-feira, setembro 26, 2008

Queer Lisboa 12

Cinema São Jorge
Sala 1
15h30m (Longa-metragem) Was am Ende Zählt Nothing Else Matters (Germany, 2007, 100’)by Julia von Heinz
17h30m (Documentário) Behikvot Ahatiha Ahasera The Quest for the Missing Piece (Israel, Germany, 2007, 52’), by Oded Lotan
19h30m (Longa-metragem) Houseboy, The (USA, 2007, 81’) by Spencer Schilly

Sala 3
15h15m (Documentário) Campillo sí, quiero Campillo yes, I do (Spain, 2007, 52’) by Andrés Rubio
17h15m (Docu-ficção) Kenedi se ženi Kenedi is Getting Married (Serbia, 2007, 80’) by Želimir Žilnik
19h15m Pascal Robitaille 1
21h30m La Dinde (Programa de Curtas 10)
24h00m Obsceno 5 (Programa Gay)

IV Miss Curitiba Trans será celebrado no próximo sábado
A 4ª edição do concurso Miss Curitiba Trans, que acontecerá no próximo sábado (27) na capital paranaense, reunirá 17 candidatas que disputarão o título da mais bela trans de Curitiba.

[UK] [Film]
Short film about a transgender to be screened in London
A short film about a transgender has been selected for screening at the Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, London in November this year. Prasanth Kanathur has made this film titled Nashtavarnnangal (Missing colours).

Turkish transsexual singer faces army accusations
A popular Turkish transsexual singer who infuriated the country's powerful armed forces by questioning a military campaign against Kurdish separatists told a court on Wednesday she would rather die than be silent.

Bósnia: Festival Queer é cancelado após ataque homofóbico
Organizadores do Festival Queer de Sarajevo, na Bósnia, decidiram cancelar o evento após alguns participantes terem ficado feridos por um ataque ocorrido na noite de abertura, realizada na última quarta-feira (24). As informações são do site inglês PinkNews.
Bosnia's first gay festival to close after attacks
Bosnia's first gay festival will close early after hooded men, some shouting Islamic slogans, attacked visitors on its opening night, injuring eight people, organizers said on Thursday.

[Taiwan] [Commentary]
Editorial: Cloud hangs over Taiwan Pride Parade
Tomorrow the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and their supporters will take to the streets for the Sixth Taiwan Pride Parade. Last year's LGBT parade was reportedly the largest in Asia, attracting more than 15,000 people, which demonstrates a growing awareness of the marginalization of these groups.
However, although Taiwan's homosexual community has made great strides, the transgender, and specifically transsexual, community still has a long way to go in gaining acceptance.
Last October, the Ministry of the Interior issued an executive order that female-to-male (FTM) transsexuals cannot change their national ID cards until they have fully transitioned from one gender to another, in other words, completed genital reconstruction.

Transexual triumphs over gender adversity
From an early age Leang Sothea knew she was different, but since having a sex-change operation in 2006 she hasn't looked back (Photo)

Muslim school opens doors to Indonesian tranvestites
Wearing headscarves and reciting the Koran, students at an Indonesian Islamic school look like ordinary women practising their faith in the holy month of Ramadan, but they are actually transvestites.

New push to clear Denis Tanner
THE Supreme Court has been asked to order new probes into the deaths of Jennifer Tanner and transsexual prostitute Adele Bailey.

Argentina: Juiz autoriza trans a mudar de nome sem cirurgia
Um fato inédito aconteceu recentemente na Argentina, quando o juiz de Direito Pedro Hoof autorizou a transexual Tania Luna, de 25 anos, a trocar de sexo em seus documentos sem precisar se submeter à cirurgia de redesignação sexual.
Juiz argentino autoriza transexual a mudar de sexo sem operação
Em um caso inédito na América Latina, um transexual argentino poderá alterar sua identidade sem precisar realizar uma operação para mudar de sexo. Tania Luna, de 25 anos, ganhou na Justiça o direito de adotar a identidade feminina depois que o juiz Pedro Hooft deferiu uma sentença em favor dela.
Foto: A transexual da Argentina Tania Luna, de 25 anos, ganhou na Justiça o direito de adotar a identidade feminina

[Canada] [Books]
Book: Transpeople: Repudiation, Trauma, Healing
In new book, transpeople are assumed to be the primary experts of their own lives

Iran's Ahmadinejad: Treat gays like traffic offenders
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, defended his nation's treatment of its gay citizens on CNN's Larry King Live Tuesday night.
Speaking through a translator, Ahmadinejad told King that he was more concerned about the population of Iran as a whole than "a few homosexuals, " and that laws against gays are enacted and enforced on the same principle that, for example, traffic laws are.

Body of transgender person recovered from American River
Authorities recovered the body of a 22-year-old transgender woman from the American River on Sunday.
Transgender Man's Death Has Gay Community On Alert
The gay community is on alert this morning after the body of a transgendered man was pulled from the American River over the weekend.

Rep. Frank urges Library of Congress not to appeal discrimination lawsuit
Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) denounced the Library of Congress (LOC) in a letter Tuesday and asked it not to appeal a recent court decision that found the national library guilty of sexual discrimination.

Top Model Recap: Double Elimination Sends Isis & Hannah Home
On last night's America's Next Top Model, it was buh-bye for two models rather than one. And Miss J's runway lesson in a bowling alley didn't exactly work wonders for all the girls.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
An Argentine Transgender Rights Win
One of the things about being transgender is that your family expands, not contracts. You gain a whole lot of sisters and brothers all over the world to replace the blood relatives you may lose because of this issue.