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segunda-feira, setembro 22, 2008

Programação do dia (hoje vi a tempo) do Queer Lisboa 12

Cinema São Jorge
Sala 1
15h30m (Curta) Bramadero (Mexico, 2007, 22')by Julián Herná¡ndez
(Longa-metragem) Otto; or, Up With Dead People (Germany, Canada, 2008, 94’)by Bruce LaBruce
17h30m Shotgun (Programa de Curtas 5)
19h30m Pusinky Dolls (Czech Republic, 2007, 99’) by Karin Babinská
22h Clandestinos (Spain, 2007, 80’) by Antonio Hens

Sala 3
15h15m Alpha (Programa de Curtas 2)
17h15m (Documentário) Nudité toute Nue, La (France, 2007, 52’) by Olivier Nicklaus
19h15m (Documentário) Bi the Way (USA, 2008, 93’) by Josephine Decker, Brittany Blockman
21h30m (Curta) 69 – Praça da Luz (Brazil, 2007, 21’), by Carolina Markowicz, Joana Galvão
(Documentário) Claudette (Switzerland, 2008, 63’) by Sylvie Cachin
23h45m Pascal Robitaille 1

18h (Queer Market 1) Dante’s Cove – Season 1 / Episode 1 – In the Beginning (USA, 2005, 84’), by Mike Constanza

City to Investigate SEPTA's Alleged Use of Discrimination
The Philadelphia Human Relations Commission says it will consider a complaint that gender identification stickers on SEPTA transpasses can be used to discriminate.

[USA] [Blog/Law]
Landmark federal decision on transgender employment discrimination: Schroer v. Billington
The Federal District Court for the District of Columbia issued a landmark ruling on Friday in the lawsuit by Diane Schroer against the Library of Congress. While there have been a number of rulings in favor of transgender plaintiffs under the federal sex discrimination statute, this is the first time a court has ruled that sex includes gender identity. Interestingly, I have a law review planned on this very subject for the Spring in Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review