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domingo, setembro 21, 2008

Discussão sobre energia nuclear «não pode ser tabu»
Mira Amaral considera que perante crise energética, Portugal precisa de ponderar novas alternativas

Military officers interrogated in Ergenekon probe
Excerpt: Famous transsexual Seyhan Soylu, also known as Sisi, was also detained in Thursday's raids. Soylu had once referred to herself as the "unsung hero" of an unarmed military intervention against a coalition government in 1997 on grounds that the leading coalition party was eroding secularism in the country.

In Conservative Nepal, a Tribune for the ‘Third Gender’ Speaks Out
SUNIL Babu Pant likes to take advantage of the frequent delays at Nepal's newly elected Constituent Assembly. As the only openly gay member, he takes every opportunity to work on his homophobic colleagues, trying to convince them that contrary to what they were taught growing up in this very conservative country, homosexuals are just like any other people.

[Philippines] [Blog/Commentary]
HK airport detains Filipina trans women
It has recently come to the knowledge of the members of the Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP) that it is now customary for Hong Kong (HK) immigration officials to detain Filipina transgender/transsexual (trans) women at the HK airport.