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sábado, setembro 20, 2008

Lobo Ibérico: Colar GPS no pescoço de Fojo «revela» segredos
O jovem lobo Fojo não sabe, mas o colar com GPS que tem no pescoço permite aos investigadores do Projecto de Investigação e Conservação do Lobo no Noroeste conhecer todos os seus passos na Serra do Soajo.

Casamento gay: Alegre critica JS
«Tenho pena que a juventude socialista fale destas coisas ditas fracturantes e que estão na moda e não fale das grandes questões sociais», disse

El PNV propone en el Congreso que los transexuales puedan cambiar de nombre en el DNI sin necesidad hormonarse dos años
El PNV ha presentado una propuesta en el Congreso de los Diputados para que las personas transexuales puedan cambiar de nombre en el Registro Civil y en el DNI sin necesidad de estar dos años hormonándose, tal y como exige en la actualidad la Ley de Identidad de Género, aprobada el año pasado.

Matrimonio para homosexuales indirecto

El nuevo proyecto que habilita a cambiar la identidad y sexo a transexuales y travestis permitiría que los homosexuales que siguen este trámite puedan casarse legalmente y también adoptar niños, según reconoció el propio director del Registro Civil, Roberto Calvo. El Senado está por aprobar un proyecto de ley que permitirá a travestis y transexuales que cambien legalmente su identidad y sexo.

Transsexuals' Model Villages in South Indian State of Tamil Nadu Soon
In a unique first-of-its-kind move in India, the Cuddalore district administration in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu has proposed to establish model villages to rehabilitate members of the transgender community. Tamil Nadu is the only state in India that has given a gender status to transsexuals.

Smile called "provoking act" in transgender case
Allen Andrade told his girlfriend that he "snapped" when he learned the woman he had oral sex with the night before was biologically a man.

Joseph Fiennes: un transexual “linda / guapo”
El actor de "Shakespeare enamorado" interpreta a un transexual en esta nueva serie, que aún no tiene fecha de salida. Lo acompaña la actriz de "Matrix", Carrie-Anne Moss. (Trailer)

City to probe transit rider's gender ID complaint
A city commission agreed to investigate a discrimination complaint by a male-to-female transsexual who said a bus driver would not allow her to use a transit pass that identified her as female.
Transgender's Transpass problem
A sticker SEPTA uses to cut down on fraud with its Transpasses has caused an unusual problem.
Now, that problem is at the center of a lawsuit.
Charlene Moore-Arcila says she used to use a Transpass to ride SEPTA, and now she uses tokens.
This, after an incident in 2006 in which a driver did not let the 42-year-old male to female transgendered rider using her Transpass when boarding the bus.
The Transpass cards have stickers, with "M" for male and "F" for female.
Living as a woman, Charlene was using a female sticker. She says the driver told her she couldn't use the transpass, because she's not female.
But, she says, she's also been stopped when her transpass had a male ID sticker. (Vídeo)

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Breaking: Court Rules In Diane Schroer's Favor
For those who don't remember, Diane Schroer was told she was going to be hired by the U.S. Library Of Congress, and saw the decision to employ her rescinded after she told her hiring agent she was going to transition from male-to-female in the workplace.
Transsexual wins federal discrimination lawsuit
A former Army Special Forces commander passed over for a job as a terrorism analyst at the Library of Congress because he was in the process of becoming a she won a discrimination lawsuit on Friday.
Federal court rules against LOC in discrimination case
Transsexual wins lawsuit against Library of Congress
Transgender Veteran Wins Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Against Library of Congress

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Was transition a mistake?
Q: Oh my God! I just don't know what I am going to do. I think I have made a huge mistake and I don't know what to do about it. I saw a TV program the other night about people that had transgendered and then decided to go back to their original gender. Well, I couldn't believe that there was any one else out there like me. I, too, feel like I made a big mistake by having a gender change. I was born female and always thought I wanted to be a boy and also believed I would be happier if I were one. I truly thought that God had made a mistake with me.