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terça-feira, setembro 16, 2008

Morreu Richard Wright, teclista e fundador dos Pink Floyd
Músico de 65 anos sofria de cancro

Richard Wright dies at 65; founding member of Pink Floyd
Though he lacked the high profile of bandmates Syd Barrett, Roger Waters and David Gilmour, the keyboardist shaped the British psychedelic group's sound.


Cross-dressing Tina Turner impersonator attacks giggling heckler
A CROSS-DRESSING Tina Turner impersonator attacked a teenage Scots holidaymaker for giggling during his drag act.
Joshua Duffus, who performs under the name Armani D'Vyne, leapt off the stage and dragged Emma Lyon by the wrists across the dancefloor in Portugal.

Encontro nacional de travestis e transexuais começa em Salvador
Começou em Salvador neste domingo, dia 14 de setembro, a 15ª edição do ENTLAIDS - Encontro Nacional de Travestis e Transexuais que Atuam na Prevenção da Aids. O evento segue até o dia 19 e tem neste ano o tema "Abrindo Horizontes para a Cidadania".

Ruling Inspires New Hope For Transgender People
To Allyson Robinson, it means accompanying her young children to public restrooms in Montgomery County without worrying that someone will call the police.
For Colleen Fay, it brings the hope that the next time she applies for a driver's license she won't be badgered about her previous life as a man.
And for Chloe Schwenke, it means other people like her will be able to enjoy the job security she has found in her international development work in the District.

[CA,USA] [Events/PR]
LGBT Rally in Support of Sanctuary City and ID Program
Due to recent raids by ICE and attacks on San Francisco's Sanctuary Ordinance by The Chronicle and anti-immigrant groups, Pride at Work, along with a coalition of other LGBTQ and immigrant rights organizations and it's leaders will gather on Tuesday September 16th at the steps of City Hall to speak out to keep San Francisco as a Sanctuary City and to move forward with the Municipal ID program.