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segunda-feira, setembro 29, 2008

Taipei holds massive gay pride march
Taipei has held Asia's largest gay pride march to demand equal rights for homosexuals, transsexuals and transgender people.

El “Brujito Maya”, director de cine
Gabriel Ruggiero, más conocido como "El Brujito Maya", presentó recientemente en la Muestra La Diversidad Sexual en el cine, que se llevó a cabo en la provincia de Córdoba, su película Ariana, la cual está basada en la vida de la periodista transexual Ariana Cano.

Interview with Isis King from America's Next Top Model Cycle 11
Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Isis King from America's Next Top Model. Isis a 22 year old program assistant at a non profit organization, who currently resides in New York competed and was recently eliminated from the show. She is the first transgendered model to be one of the contestants on Americas Next Top Model.

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Transgender people don't even exist under the law
Excerpt: Transgenderism refers to gender identity: Who does one understand oneself to be? Homosexuality, bisexuality and heterosexuality all refer to sexual orientation: To whom is one sexually attracted?
Transgender citizens may or may not be gay. Children as young as preschoolers have self-identified as transgender. Psychiatry and the related sciences have been unsuccessful in truly altering a transgender identity. Transgenderism, like homosexuality, is not a choice.

Transgender girl's looks sparked school fight
"Every day, I was afraid for my sister. The world, the way it is, most people wouldn't accept who she was."

Before That Sex Change, Think About Your Next Paycheck
You might expect that anybody who has had a sex change, or even just cross-dresses on occasion, would suffer a wage cut because of social stigmatization. Wrong, or at least partly wrong. Turns out it depends on the direction of the change: the study found that earnings for male-to-female transgender workers fell by nearly one-third after their gender transitions, but earnings for female-to-male transgender workers increased slightly.

First Person: Miss Vera
What I do is simple: I teach men to become better women. I run a school whose entire curriculum is about transformation – physical and mental. Almost everyone who comes here has had cross-dressing urges since childhood; I help them to act on these feelings, with style.

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The Sound of Silence: The HRC National Dinner Protest
Last week I received an email from the Human Rights Campaign informing me that Joe Biden will be speaking at the the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner on October 4th, 2008. Since that time I've expected to hear about an organized protest of this event from the transgender activist community in Washington D.C.