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quarta-feira, outubro 08, 2008

Archivada la causa por el homicidio de un transexual
En la autopsia constaba que la perforación encontrada al cuerpo pudo deberse por una agresión con arma blanca, sin embargo, el caso se ha archivado ya que no se han encontrado signos de lucha ni robo en el domicilio.

Russia's First LGBT Film Festival Fights On Despite Government and Media Resistance
Facing local hostility, overt moves by the government to halt their event, and a persistent shroud of secrecy for gays and lesbians in their country, organizers of Russia's first queer film festival fought to stage their event this weekend even as they were ridiculed in the media. Just back from St. Petersburg, outgoing NewFest artistic director and Sundance fest doc programming associate Basil Tsiokos offers a diary of his experience as a juror at the first Side By Sidefest.

Transgenders Protest New Policy in Taiwan
A government policy in Taiwan has made it more difficult for transgenders to get an ID, creating panic in the community. The policy, which went into effect last year, stipulates that female-to-male transgenders cannot get an ID card that identifies them as male unless they have undergone all three parts of gender reassignment surgery.

Concurso nas Filipinas escolherá a mais bela trans
Nesta terça-feira, 7, travestis e transexuais disputam o prêmio de quem é mais bela no Amazing Phlippines Beauties Contest. Elas estão reunidas no mais elegante hotel de Manila para se prepararem para a grande noite.

US court says transsexual politician did not deceive voters by running as woman
In a landmark US legal case, two political opponents sued Michelle Bruce, a councillor while she was trying to defend her seat in Riverdale, Georgia.

Ruby Molina
The body of the transgender woman who was found in the American River in Sacramento last week has been identified by police as Ruby (nee Fernando) Molina. The police are citing it as a "suspicious" death and need more information.

[USA] [Television]
Sex Change Hospital Premieres October 14 at 1110c
Vicki Estrada, former Steve Estrada, is a 56-year-old divorced male-to-female transexual, with two children. Vicki is coming into the hospital for genital reassignment surgery and breast augmentation.