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sábado, novembro 29, 2008

Sida cresce na Europa de Leste e na Ásia
Doença estabiliza em África, mas Cruz Vermelha diz que ainda é demasiado cedo para a «auto-satisfação»
Sida: Muito cedo para a auto-satisfação, diz Cruz Vermelha

Protesto contra o uso de pêlo em frente à Embaixada da Noruega
ONG diz que animais não só são mortos de uma maneira chocante por afogamento, asfixia, electrocussão e envenenamento, mas também são mantidos e criados em condições miseráveis»

New legal advice service for LGBT victims of domestic abuse
A firm of solicitors has joined forces with Stonewall Housing to create an advice service for LGBT people experiencing domestic abuse.
Former European Indoor Championship silver medallist Balian Buschbaum is tipped to take over as the pole vault coach at USC Mainz. Balian will succeed Herbert Czingon, who has been named as the head coach for technical events by the German Athletics Federation (DLV).
Excerpt: The president of the European Parliament's human rights sub-committee asked a Turkish deputy if the rights of homosexuals and transsexuals would be safeguarded in the constitution. Helene Flautre held talks Thursday with Zafer Üskül, head of Turkish Parliament's Human Rights Commission. In response, Üskül said time and patience was needed for improvement on the issue.
Savitha was born a boy but became a girl at the age of 16. Nine years on, she sells cheap sex to lorry drivers at a dusty truck stop outside the southern Indian city of Bangalore.
The ever increasing turbulence of the anti-government protests notwithstanding, a demonstration of a different nature was taking place yesterday in Bangkok.
Unaffiliated to any political party, a group of transgender 'ladyboys' paraded past central Police Headquarters in Bangkok to protest at the lack of AIDS awareness in Thailand.
A BITTER feud has erupted at a prestigious golf club after it was revealed a leading member was undergoing a sex change.
Australia's Health Minister Nicola Roxon has dismissed one of the new Men's Health Ambassadors for co-authoring an anti-gay, anti-transgender report.
Three chalk outlines of a body were marked on the floor of the chapel. Each represented the lives of ten transgender individuals killed in the last year.
AS THE 31 NAMES of transgender people killed around the world during 2008 were read aloud at Atlanta's Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil, each of the deceased's biographies ended with "Remember me."
Last Thursday marked the 10th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, or TDOR as organizers call it. Held every November, TDOR is a day to remember the individuals who have been victimized because of transgender-motivated hatred.