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sexta-feira, novembro 28, 2008

médico acusa Infarmed
Clínico que autoridade que regula o sector do medicamento de recusar um fármaco inovador a um seropositivo

ANIMAL faz protesto esta sexta-feira frente à embaixada da Noruega
Associação portuguesa participa em movimento mundial

“Sexual Violence In Detention”
The Legal Aid Bureau Against Sexual Harassment And Rape In Detention has announced its yearly data. In eleven years 294 women and in the last year 35 women have applied to the bureau.

[Nigeria/Equitorial Guinea]
We played against men, Falcons claims
WHILE soccer loving Nigerians are wondering what happened to the Super Falcons in Tuesday's semi final clash with Equatorial Guinea, in which the team surrendered its African title, two players of the team, Maureen Eke and Lillian Cole have claimed that the presence of three 'boys' in the host team played a damaging role against them.

Transexual é assassinada a tiros em Caracas
As autoridades policiais venezuelanas até que tentaram esconder, mas não conseguiram manter em segredo o assassinato de uma transexual no último dia 7, em Caracas. O corpo dela foi encontrado por volta das 6h30, na Avenida Los Jabillos, em frente a uma cafeteria.

Australian government 'health ambassadors' in gay hate controversy
The Australian Department of Health has come under fire for appointing two men's health ambassadors who were allegedly involved in writing a document that espoused homophobic views.

Inside the Miss Queen Philippines Beauty Pageant
One of the exciting things to look forward to in this year’s celebration of LGBT Pride is the staging by Task Force Pride (TFP) Philippines of a beauty pageant after the parade on 6 December 2008 along Ma. Orosa St. in Manila. Below is the write-up on this ground-breaking TFP project.

Out in the cold
Excerpt: But this month two people have already fallen through the cracks in the new system. A male-to-female transgendered person was turned away from the women's shelters, and was unwilling to stay at the men's facilities ... The community workers who know them say they are in extremely precarious situations.

NY court removes bar to transgender name changes
A midlevel appeals court ruled Wednesday that a transgender individual can change from traditionally male to traditionally female first and middle names, regardless of potential confusion.