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segunda-feira, novembro 10, 2008

Guilty on 6 Counts!
The General Teaching Council for England has ruled that a former Education, Training and Employment Manager at Brighton & Hove City Council was guilty of discriminating against a teacher because she was transgender.
[Blog/News/Commentary] Natasha Thoday claims tribunal victory

Step forward in treatment of genital abnormalities
HOW do you tell a teenager her body has already passed through menopause, her ovaries no longer work and she may never have children? Or counsel a parent whose baby girl was born with male and female sexual organs?

Web site finds jobs for trans individuals
After experiencing job discrimination first-hand, a Milwaukee woman decided to launch her own Web site to assist transgender individuals in finding employment with truly inclusive companies and organizations.

Transforming Gender Symposium
The 3rd annual Transforming Gender Symposium kicked off Friday night with keynote speaker Monica Roberts and a local transgender activist panel.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Refuting Medical Claims on Transgender Identity
Pop science sources have been slowly buzzing with the news that scientists may have found a link between transgender women who seek sex reassignment surgeries and their genes. This follows on the heels of a highly popular theory that the brains of transgender people are washed in either extra testosterone or extra estrogen while en utero.

Seeking Alternatives to Streets
Excerpt: "Sex work is about survival," Outlaw said. "It's not about choosing a neighborhood to go into and to prostitute. We are struggling as transgender women to make ends meet and to survive in today's world where we are misunderstood." (Vídeo)

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Barbin the hermaphrodite
It is Intersex Solidarity Day, thanks to Herculine Barbin born and designated a female 170 years ago today. She died tragically before reaching 30, having changed her gender to male and her name to Abel some years earlier. She left a diary, though, describing her short life which has been widely used by academics studying gender issues. In the 1970s and 1980s, Michel Foucault, a French intellectual, brought Barbin’s story to a wider audience, and it then became the inspiration for a Pullitzer Prize winning novel.