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terça-feira, novembro 11, 2008

Trans Remembrance Day
November 23rd marks Manchester's third annual Transgender Remembrance Day.

Cross-dressing Swedish man can be named Madeleine
Jan-Olov Ågren, a male cross-dresser from Norrbotten in northern Sweden, has been handed a victory by the county administrative court in his bid to go by the name Madeleine.

Fake penis under attack for staying limp
Prosthetic penises that will be supplied free to eligible transsexual men next year are under attack for staying limp.

Bangalore: Sex change racket - Financer arrested
Bangalore City police have today arrested a financier for his alleged involvement in a major sex change racket in the city.

Walk on the wild side: Peru
In the city of Iquitos, in the Peruvian Amazon, attitudes towards gender roles and sexual orientation are comparatively relaxed. But despite the thriving gay and transvestite scene, members of the cross-dressing community, known as chivas, still face prejudice and violence. Sixteen-year-old Rober has been working as a transsexual prostitute since he was 12. Donning his girlish clothes and wig every night, he says that he’s happier on the streets than at school, despite the risks to his safety

Homicide Victim Identified as Transgendered Person, Duanna Johnson
Duanna Johnson was found shot to death in North Memphis, according to her lawyer.
Memphis police say it happened just before midnight at Hollywood near Staten Avenue, Sunday, November 9, 2008.
Transgender Beating Victim Found Dead in North Memphis

o primeiro presidente de câmara transsexual
A cidade de Silverton, no Estado do Oregon, Estados Unidos, vai ficar na História

Nicole Kidman será transexual casado com Charlize Theron
«The Danish Girl» é baseado numa história verídica
Nicole Kidman deve viver personagem transexual no cinema
Charlize Theron e Nicole Kidman vivem amor trans no cinema
Nicole Kidman encarnará al primer transexual de la historia
Nicole Kidman to play transsexual in period drama
Nicole Kidman To Play Transsexual, Marry Charlize Theron, For 'Danish Girl'

Transgender Awareness Week begins today
This week is MU's first ever Transgender Awareness Week, a celebration of trans-identity and trans-experience hosted by Triangle Coalition.

Chicagoans Protest Dobson’s Hall of Fame Induction
Even a dreary, drizzly Chicago November evening did not deter a strong crowd of at least 300 from gathering to protest the Museum of Broadcast Communications' induction of James Dobson into the Radio Hall of Fame on Saturday at the downtown Renaissance Chicago Hotel.

Barbara Walters Exclusive: 'Journey of a Pregnant Man'
Excerpt: The hour also explores how gender boundaries are dissolving, how transgender couples are creating families and the social and legal complexities of this brave new world.