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quinta-feira, dezembro 18, 2008

Volume de gelo no Árctico é o menor de sempre
Alterações climáticas estão a provocar a morte e a devastação, alerta ONU

Memorial aos gays vítimas do Holocausto é depredado
O Memorial aos gays vítimas do Holocausto durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, em Berlim, foi mais uma vez depredado por vândalos.

Miss Tiffany Queen
Treechada 'Nong Poyd' Malayaporn on the perks and burdens of living as a katoey in Thai society

Australia backs UN declaration
Australia has emerged as a key backer of a United Nations declaration calling for the decriminalisation of homosexuality around the globe, prompting gay rights activists to applaud the Federal Government for taking an international stand on GLBT rights.

Uruguay takes step towards gay marriage
Uruguay's Senate passed a bill allowing people aged 12 and older to legally change their name and gender on their identity papers, a move that opens the doors to gay marriage.

Psychiatrists Revising the Book of Human Troubles
The book is at least three years away from publication, but it is already stirring bitter debates over a new set of possible psychiatric disorders.
[Blog/Comentary] Psychiatric bible to add new diagnoses: DSM makeover process shrouded in secrecy

New website for facial feminization surgeon Jeffrey Spiegel MD

Transgendered former Dallas mayoral candidate Jennifer Gale found dead in Austin
A body found near the University of Texas campus this morning is that of perennial mayoral candidate Jennifer Gale, Austin fire officials said.
Jennifer Gale found dead

Oh, fuck, no!
Maddie was a voice actress (best known as "Meowth" on Pokemon), a transgender woman, a comic book writer at Milestone, and a comedienne, among other things. I've met her at least once at a con.