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domingo, dezembro 28, 2008

Centenas de milhares em defesa da família
Centenas de milhares de pessoas participaram este domingo, em Madrid, numa missa para promover os valores tradicionais da família num país predominantemente católico, mas que legalizou o casamento de homossexuais e facilitou o divórcio.

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OII – Responses to Pope’s Christmas message
This Christmas message is about maintaining an oppressive gender system which has enabled him to occupy the supreme position within one of the most powerful male hierarchies on the planet. If he could get LGBT people out of the way, women could be put back into their 'natural' place - the home - to get on with a life fit only for breeding. Why we have to suffer this man's repressed homosexual paranoia and misogyny any more is beyond me. Christmas is about the coming of the Good News, yet this is not the Gospel; it is bad news for LGBT people and for women - so why is the Pope preaching a message of hatred at Christmas that bears no relation to the teachings of Jesus Christ? Why is the Pope seeking to deny a significant group people their humanity, excluding them in the same way he has had them thrown out of convents, monasteries, seminaries and churches? This message of ill-will at Christmas will have negative consequences for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender and intersex people around the world, both within and beyond the Roman Catholic Church.

Was North Kitsap Man Followed Because He's ‘Transsexual?'
A North Kitsap man claimed to Kitsap County sheriff's deputies Friday evening that he'd been the victim of a hate crime — and that a strange car was following him around because he's a transsexual.

Two found dead in northeast side home identified
Metro Police are investigating a double homicide on the city's northeast side.
Around 4:30 p.m. Friday, police were called to check the welfare of a resident at 5853 Rosslyn Avenue, near Keystone Avenue and Kessler Blvd. The resident had not been heard from since Wednesday. When officers arrived, they found two people and a dog dead in the home.
Family of murder victim speaks out
[Blog/News/Commentary] Two more LGBT people murdered in Indianapolis

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Stop the Hate
It’s only been about a month since I made this video on youtube. Since then there has been another act of violence against a Transgender woman here in Tennessee. It happened Christmas Eve in Memphis. She was shot and the latest news is that she is in critical condition. She is the third in 6 months. After the video is a press release from the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition about the latest incident.

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A Call to Action on Trans Rights in Tennessee
Via Questioning Transphobia comes this press release from the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition on the shooting of Leeneshia Edwards, the third transgender woman to be shot in Memphis in the past six months. One of the other women was Duanna Johnson, who died. Renee at Womanist Musings further points out the strong racist thread to the transphobic and misogynistic violence. My thoughts are with Leenashia and her family, and I hope that yours are as well. Read the press release below, do what you can, and pass the information along.