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sexta-feira, dezembro 19, 2008

Apelo internacional para a despenalização da homossexualidade
Posição fortemente rejeitada por vários Estados árabes e pelo Vaticano

ABGLT articula apoio a declaração pró-gays na ONU
ONU: 66 países apelaram hoje à despenalização universal da homossexualidade

Turkish transsexual star acquitted of insulting army
A transsexual Turkish pop star has won a free speech case against the country's powerful army, which accused her of turning public opinion against military service.

Sunshine Coast Hate Crime
A transsexual woman and her 13 year old daughter have been forced to move from their Sunshine Coast home after a serious assault left them fearing for their safety.

Uruguay approves bill to allow changes in gender, name
The Uruguayan Senate has passed a bill allowing people aged 12 and older to change their gender and name.

Entidade internacional pede fim de leis anti-gays
A Human Rights Watch, organização internacional que luta pela consolidação dos direitos humanos, solicitou nesta quarta, 17, que leis que classificam a homossexualidade como crime em determinados países sejam abolidas.

[USA] [Blog/Health/Medicine]
Should Doctors Still Consider Transgenders to Be Suffering a 'Disorder'?
The fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders will soon be published, and with it come a slew of updates for medical professionals on what, exactly, "disorders" are. Whether somebody's mental state is considered a disorder isn't a silly little matter of clarifications; it can have consequences on insurance coverage, power of will questions, and stigmatization. The debate rages on for whether things like shopping addictions and binge eating should be included as official disorders, but for our kind, whether transgender people should be included — for "suffering" from a gender identity "disorder" — is a heated exchange.
New Edition of 'Manual of Disorders' Inspires Gender Identity Controversy

Homeless donations urged in remembrance of Jennifer Gale
Austin Mayor Will Wynn wants Austin residents to donate to a fund to house and clothe the homeless in remembrance of former Dallas and Austin mayoral candidate Jennifer Gale.
Jennifer Gale Death Caused by Lack of Shelter for Transgender Homeless

Transgender Lawsuit
A local community college is accused of sexual discrimination. It's all over a life-altering decision that's now changing the way one student is treated. It's an unusual case that could set a precedent for universities all across the country and it's a story you will see exclusively on cbs 21.