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sábado, dezembro 27, 2008

Militância critica declarações anti-gay do Papa
Na última terça-feira, 23, grupos de todo o mundo que lutam pelos direitos dos homossexuais criticaram as declarações homofóbicas feita pelo papa Bento XVI na última segunda-feira, 22.
[Commentary] The Pope has forgotten Christ's word

[Malaysia] [Blog/Commentary]
Harian Metro, The Star Demonizes Transsexual Females
Harian Metro has been very diligent in spreading misinformation about tomboys and pengkids for the past couple of months ever since the fatwa on tomboys came out of the National Fatwa Council. They even used the word “tomboi” in various situations, from a girl wanting to be a boy, to a girl who looks like a boy. Most of their articles centered on women who left their husbands or girls who ran away from their parents, for the love of a tomboy.

[New Zealand]
Sex change brings `freedom at last'
It has been 18 months since the 61-year-old transformed from Noel to Noeleena. The Waimate woman had a sex change operation in Thailand in May last year a decision she has never regretted.

Increased sentence for targeting trans prisoner
In White v. U.S., the D.C. Court of Appeals affirmed a sentencing enhancement for a prison guard who physically and sexually assaulted a transgender prisoner. The sentencing judge reasoned that the prisoner's trangender status constituted a "reduced physical capacity" under the D.C. sentencing guidelines, thereby meriting the tougher sentence.

Transsexual with Boynton tie joins 'Real World'
All Katelynn Cusanelli was trying to do was give a friend a ride to Miami.
But that ride began a journey that continued on to a reality show in New York City and, if Cusanelli has her way, will end in a happy and uplifting place.