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sexta-feira, junho 19, 2009

Risco de Mudanças irreversíveis no clima da Terra
Um relatório publicado ontem por um grupo de 12 cientistas do IPCC alerta para risco de mudanças abruptas e irreversíveis no clima da Terra se não forem dados passos rápidos e eficazes para diminuir drasticamente as emissões de gases com efeito de estufa. A publicação do relatório surge a poucos meses de negociações decisivas em Copenhaga.

Morre homossexual espancado após a Parada de São Paulo; Instituições fazem protesto neste sábado
A Associação da Parada do Orgulho LGBT de São Paulo e a Coordenadoria de Assuntos de Diversidade Sexual estão convocando a comunidade LGBT a participar nesse próximo sábado, dia 20 de junho, às 19h, na Rua Dr. Vieira de Carvalho, próximo ao Largo do Arouche, de um protesto contra os ataques homofóbicos que aconteceram no centro da capital na noite do último domingo, 14 de junho, após o término da 13ª Parada do Orgulho.
Novas informações podem esclarecer morte de Marcelo Barros, afirma delegado

'I know who I want to be': Why I decided to undergo male-to-female gender reassignment
Rosalind Ryan talks to Vivienne Snowdon, who plans to have an operation to become a woman in October
(Photo: Snowdon says: 'To me, it felt like putting myself back in touch with a part of me that had been neglected')

Lituania aprueba legislación que prohibe mostrar imágenes de gays y lesbianas para ‘proteger’ a los menores
Ningún medio podrá difundir una imagen positiva (’propaganda’, según se le llama oficialmente) de la homosexualidad, después de que 67 de los 74 parlamentarios lituanos votaran a favor de la ‘Ley para la protección de los menores contra el efecto perjudicial de la información pública’.

Karnataka Queer Habba
The Karnataka Queer Habba will be held in the city on 28th June 2009 with a lead up of a week long of events as an attempt to for the LGBT to voice their opinions and become publicly acceptable.

New rules on safety of sex-change operations
SHANGHAI hospitals that perform sex-change operations said yesterday they are happy with draft guidelines from the Ministry of Health that are designed to provide oversight of the procedures.
Step Forward For China's Trans Community

Travestis manifestaron frente a la Municipalidad de La Matanza
Tres organizaciones de diversidad sexual reclamaron en la plaza de San Justo. Quieren un trato igualitario y la posibilidad de acceder al Plan Federal de Vivienda.
La convocatoria estuvo a cargo del ‘Movimiento antidiscriminatorio de liberación’, el ‘Movimiento de Integración sexual, étnica y religiosa’ y la agrupación ‘Jóvenes por la diversidad’.(Foto)

Elecciones 2009: Travestis lanzan campaña contra la discriminación en los padrones
Cansadas de la humillación que padecen en cada votación, la comunidad trans lanzó una campaña contra la discriminación, pidiendo además la urgente aprobación de una Ley de Identidad de Genero y la unificación de padrones.
La idea surge de Ariana Cano, la primera locutora transexual del país, que llama a las personas travestis, transgeneros y a cualquiera que quiera sumarse a manifestarse en la puerta de los colegios pacíficamente pidiendo el fin de la discriminación. “Cada vez que debemos presentarnos a votar es la misma humillación y burlas de parte de los fiscales y de la gente que esta esperando para realizar su voto. Están viendo una persona travesti que no debería estar en esa mesa, simplemente porque el Estado no quiere reconocer nuestra identidad de genero”. (Foto)

Ugandan activist punished for transgender identity
Grace and persistence under almost unendurable circumstances have earned Victor Juliet Mukasa a place at the head of this year's Pride parade.
Still, for someone who's been punished because of his gender identity, "a transperson," as the 33-year-old Ugandan calls himself, the prospect of serving as Pride Week's international grand marshal is scarey.
(Photo: COURTESY PRIDE TORONTO African activist Victor Juliet Mukasa is grand marshal of the 2009 Pride Parade.)

Trans march 'overdue'
When Karah Mathiason started planning Toronto's first-ever Trans Pride March, she thought it might attract 10 people. The next thing she knew, she had more than 300 RSVPs on the event's Facebook page.
"I was thinking of a quiet little march but it just grew," says the 35-year-old graphic designer, who is organizing the Friday night event with her wife Diane Grant, 52, who, like Mathiason, is a trans-lesbian (both were born male).
(Photo: SARAH DEA/TORONTO STAR Karah Mathiason, right, and her wife Diane Grant, organized Toronto's first-ever Trans Pride March, which will take place on Friday, June 26.)

Drama continues on the tranny stroll
When Pheobe sees girls screaming and fighting at 3am at the corner of Homewood and Maitland — Toronto’s infamous tranny hooker stroll — she bites her shiny lip-glossed lip.
She says it’s an ugly site when she sees two tranny hookers, like herself, rumble drunkenly in the street, ripping the glue out of each other’s weaves because one girl is “stealing the other girl’s john.”
(Photo: ON THE FRONTLINES. Trans sex worker Pheobe, who has worked the Homewood stroll for two years, says the workers are getting flack from the residents because of "a group of girls who make it bad for everyone." (Michael Pihach))

[USA] [Health/Medicine]
Estrogen may increase dementia risk
Research has shown that estrogen increases older women's risk of developing dementia and cognitive decline. How estrogen does that, though, has been a matter of debate. But a study published online in Neurology suggests that the hormone may do this by shrinking women's brains.
[Blog/Health/Medicine] Estrogen may cause dementia. Transsexuals suceptible?

[USA] [Blog/News/Commentary]
Indiana Equality opposes ENDA: Calls it "segregation"
In a stunning and controversial move, Indiana's statewide LGBT organization, Indiana Equality, has publicly called the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) "a new form of segregation," and will not support the proposed federal legislation. Instead, the group will only accept full inclusion in the federal civil rights code.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The Trials and Travails of Transness: The Intersection Between Feminism and Transgender People
This series is meant to serve as both trans 101 for Shakers and to explore the relationship between trans women and feminism through Julia Serano's Whipping Girl. I proposed this post the Melissa in response to the "We Matter" thread, in which some commenters displayed an large ignorance of trans issues and used harmful tropes against trans people. While the commentors were not being malicious, many commenters suggested that they read Whipping Girl. This book deals with many of the harmful tropes that society uses to marginalize trans people, as well as the relationship between trans women and feminism. I wanted to offer my perspective on this book and offer some basic education on trans issues. My personal experience is as a trans woman and I cannot speak for the whole spectrum of trans people. This is also the focus of Julia Serano's book as she is a trans woman.

Tri-Ess: The Society for the Second Self
Crossdressers are probably as misunderstood in our society as are transsexuals. But crossdressers are not transsexuals, nor are they drag queens. Instead, they are (usually) heterosexual men who dress in what society considers “female” clothing and take on a female appearance in order to express a feminine side of their personality.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Employment Non-Discrimination Act May Appear Next Week
According to the Washington Blade, U.S. Representative Barney Frank will announce plans for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) next week. It will include protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Cher on Chaz Bono Gender Reassignment: 'I will Strive to Be Understanding'
Cher is speaking out for the first time since news broke that her adult child Chaz Bono was in a transition from female to male.

[USA] [Humor]
Confused Bono Facing Barrage of Questions About His Sex Change
U2's lead singer spent the better part of the past week denying claims that he's now a woman after a series of newspapers ran headlines such as "Bono Has Sex Change." The news was in reference to Chastity Bono, manly daughter of Cher, not the frontman for the legendary rock outfit.