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quarta-feira, junho 10, 2009

Em SP, ambulatório terá cirurgia de mama para travesti
O governo do Estado de São Paulo inaugura hoje na capital um ambulatório especial para o atendimento geral de saúde de travestis e transexuais. O local deverá ainda, mediante protocolos que serão definidos, oferecer cirurgia de colocação de próteses de mama e terapias hormonais para garantir uma identidade feminina ao corpo, como a eliminação de pelos do rosto, por exemplo.
SP cria posto de saúde exclusivo para travestis e transexuais
Serra inaugura em São Paulo clínica dirigida a homossexuais
Inaugura Brasil primera clínica para atención de homosexuales

Grupos homosexuales aprovecharán primera visita de Obama a Moscú para manifestarse
Los homosexuales rusos aprovecharán la primera visita al país del presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, del 6 al 8 de julio, para manifestarse en defensa de sus derechos, pese a la prohibición de las autoridades moscovitas.

Un grupo LGTB iraquí denuncia que la policía está detrás de la violencia anti-gay
Una organización LGTB habría establecido contactos con un miembro del Servicio de Inteligencia del Ministerio de Interior iraquí, a quien tuvieron que pagar 5.000 dólares para liberar a un miembro de la organización que había sido detenido. Según ha declarado Ali Hili, perteneciente a Iraqui LGBT, ese personaje les habría revelado que hay una campaña dentro del propio gobierno iraquí para perseguir a los homosexuales.

Sirsa singing sensation wants to be a boy
In what has come as a startling decision by one so young, Diksha Sharma, at 14, and a singing sensation says she wants to change her sex and become a boy at 18.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Australian Sports Commission gets red-carded on equality
AUSTRALIAN rules supporters at every level have some extra spring in their step lately, and it's not surprising. When the football code you support is walking the talk about being accessible to everybody, and doing it in a way that is positive and constructive, you can't help but, well, want to support it.

Primeiro "homem grávido" do mundo tem outro filho
O transexual Thomas Beatie, que ficou famoso por ser o primeiro "homem grávido" do mundo, deu à luz hoje menina, quase um ano após se tornar pai pela primeira vez, informou hoje a rede de televisão "ABC".
Transexual embarazado dio a su segundo hijo

[USA] [Commentary]
Trans people are the real deal
"Hello. I'm Matt Kailey, and I'm a transsexual."
No, that’s not how I introduce myself.
And the fact that I don’t doesn’t make me any more of a fake or a fraud than the woman who doesn’t say, “Hi. I’m Sue Smith, and I’ve had a nose job,” or the guy who doesn’t say, “Hi. I’m John Jones, and I have a colostomy bag.” (These are fictitious people, and I’m obviously not very creative with names.)

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Kelly's Story: A Transgender Christian
As a Christian, it deeply saddens my heart to see the harm this is causing those who need Jesus the most. Contrary to popular opinion, transgender individuals do not just wake up one day and decide to wear a dress or cut one's hair and put on pants. In these individuals, the sex differentiation of certain hypothalamic networks is altered by cerebral programming in utero. How this occurs is still up for debate. (Photo)

Radio Show Temporarily Off Air For Remarks
KRXQ posted a letter to its fans on its website in regards to recent comments made on the Rob, Arnie & Dawn Show. In it, D.J. Rob Williams publicly admitted that he he failed listeners when, last week, the three made offensive comments about transgendered people then defended those comments when criticized by viewers.
[Blog/Commentary] Transgender Man's Response to Rob, Arnie & Dawn
Radio hosts say they'll discuss 'hateful' transgender
[Commentary] DJs threaten children; corporations do the right thing
Radio Hosts to to Apologize for 'Hateful' Transgender Comments
Rob, Arnie & Dawn in the Morning Plan Special Broadcast on Transgender Issues

Man pleads guilty in 2008 murder
An Albuquerque man will serve 12 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to murder, admitting to shooting another man during a January 2008 argument.(...)
(...)Murphy was a popular drag queen who had won several awards for his performances as Patricia, a name by which many of his friends knew him.