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quinta-feira, julho 02, 2009

AM: Professora trans diz estar sendo impedida de dar aulas
A professora amazonense Vitória Angello Bacon denunciou ao Ministério Público que vem sendo impedida de exercer suas funções profissionais em uma escola de Manaus. Vitória, que é transexual, alega estar fora da sala de aula por conta do preconceito explicitado por alunos e outros professores.

BB's Angel to 'have sex change'
'Big Brother' evictee Angel is planning to have a sex change.
The Russian-born boxer wants to become a man and has consulted gender realignment specialists in London.

[Saudi Arabia]
Cross-dressing men arrested
Saudi Arabian authorities have charged 67 men detained at a party for reportedly wearing women’s clothing.

Employment Non-Discrimination Act reintroduced in the House
A bill (H.R. 2981) that would provide employment discrimination protections to individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity was introduced June 19, 2009, by Representative Barney Frank (D-Mass). Called the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the bill would extend federal employment laws, which currently prevent employment discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin, age and disability, to also cover sexual orientation and gender identity.

Being a Gay Man in a Woman's Body
In the book, Everyday Heaven I wrote of feeling like I was a gay man in a woman's body. I recently stumbled upon others who have written the same and the comments they received showed how those who don't experience this simply have no idea.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Another sister attacked
You wonder why I make some efforts to preserve my anonymity? This is why.I bring you the sad news that yet another of my sisters has been brutally assaulted, this time in Queens. Two men accosted her as she walked home from a nightclub, at 2:30am on the 19th. Shouting "faggot" in Spanish at her, they beat her until a passing motorist stopped to threaten to call police. Police found her nearly naked, and bleeding on the sidewalk. The object used to assault her was found nearby.

State rules in favor of young transgender
The Maine Human Rights Commission ruled Monday that the Orono School Department discriminated against a transgender child by denying her access to the girls bathroom.
While the school department’s lawyer warned that schools around the state may not be ready to manage the practical fallout from the decision, civil liberties advocates hailed the ruling as an advancement of human rights.

6th Annual March for Transgender Pride

The 6th annual Trans March took a different route than in years past, starting at Dolores Park where several thousand people gathered, and forming a march that traveled through the Mission district.