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quinta-feira, setembro 03, 2009

Deputado repudia ação da PM contra travesti em Sergipe
O deputado federal Iran Barbosa (PT-SE) subiu à tribuna da Câmara no dia 26 de agosto para elogiar a ABGLT pela ação de repúdio contra a maneira violenta com a qual policiais trataram uma travesti durante a Parada Gay da cidade alagoana de Penedo. Além disso, o deputado pediu que seja dada ampla divulgação ao oficío emitido pela ABGLT destinado ao governo de Alagoas. (Foto)

Dos artefactos hacen explosión en una zona gay de Roma
Dos artefactos han hecho explosión poco antes de la pasada medianoche en Roma, a la altura de la Vía de San Giovanni in Laterano, la zona de ambiente más emblemática de la capital italiana. Según las primeras informaciones solo hay un herido leve y algunos daños materiales de poca importancia, aunque el ataque podría haber tenido consecuencias mucho más graves de haber alcanzado de lleno a algún viandante.

Polícia dá sinal verde para Parada Gay de Budapeste
A polícia de Budapeste anunciou este semana que permitirá a realização da Parada Gay da cidade, marcada para o sábado, 05. Pensando em garantir que o evento ocorra sem maiores problemas, as autoridades já avisaram a população que algumas rodovias serão fechadas.

Transsexuals in the Middle East Await the Wave of Change
Hell is what most Arabs think of when the word “transsexual” comes into any conversation since many mistake it with homosexuality, which is a sin in Islam. Most transsexuals prefer to remain anonymous since in some Arab countries they could face jail sentences for dressing or acting like the opposite sex. Many, especially men who feel trapped in the body of a woman, keep their problems hidden to avoid being punished or killed by their families. It is far easier for a woman to have a sex change to become a man than visa-versa. A man who becomes a woman is seen to have dishonored the family.

Male staff banned in Sharjah women’s stores
Working days are numbered for male staff in women’s clothing stores in the emirate. With a ban just under six months away, the authorities have launched an awareness campaign telling shop owners that only women will be allowed to serve female customers from the start of next year.
Umm al Qaiwain may ban men working in women’s clothes shops
Cross-dressing crime wave

[South Africa] [Commentary/Sports]
Holt: Semenya deserves respect, admiration, not skepticism
Usually when an 18-year-old wins the gold in the 800 meter run at the World Track and Field Championships, she is celebrated. When her mark of 1:55.45 is good for the fifth fastest women’s time in history, she becomes headline material.
[Commentary/Sports] After Semenya: Tracking Male and Female, Injury and Insult
[Commentary/Sports] Semenya: Is She A She
[Commentary] South African Angst

Miss India Transgender to be held in Chennai
In an attempt to change the majority view towards transgenders and also integrate the latter into the mainstream, a city-based non governmental agency will be holding a beauty pageant for transgenders here in December.

Man accused of killing city landlord free on bail
A transgendered man accused of randomly attacking and killing a well-liked Winnipeg landlord has been released on bail.
Joseph McNabb, 27, will be allowed to live at a women's treatment centre under strict conditions while his case remains before the courts. No trial dates have been set.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Lil Mama's unnecessary comment about being transgender and transition status on America's Best Dance Crew
I wrote recently about Vogue Evolution and gave America's Best Dance Crew props for including them on the show, so I feel like I have to call out Lil Mama and the show's producers for something problematic and hurtful that occurred in this week's episode.
[Blog/Commentary] Was Lil Mama Hating on the Trans Community? Or Just Making an Obvious Observation?
Dance Crew’s Lil Mama Apologizes

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
When It Pertains To Transpeople, Do You Media Peeps Even Read The AP Stylebook?
One of the things I have griped about constantly since the founding of my blog in 2006 is the rampant use of incorrect pronouns by the media when it comes to writing news stories on transgender people.

Normalizing transgenderism in schools
A New England-based pro-family organization is concerned about a situation in Vermont involving bathroom arrangements at schools.
Brian Camenker of
MassResistance says the homosexual movement in Vermont is using a transgender-rights law to force middle schools and high schools to provide unisex bathrooms. He notes that a 16-year-old transgendered teen has asked the Vermont Human Rights Commission to lend its support to the effort.
[Blog/Commentary] Camenker's 'Bathroom War'

[NY, USA] [Film/Music]
Sneak preview Sunday: Riot Acts Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance
It's an old and tired story: mainstream media are willing--thrilled even--to talk about trans and gender variant people, as long as the discussion is about their victim status. But trans created art is turning the mainstream media world on its gender binary lovin' head.

[CA, USA] [PR/News]
California Legislature Approves Equal ID Act
Today, the California State Senate joined the Assembly in passing the Equal ID Act by a 22-14 vote. The bill, AB 1185, sponsored by Equality California (EQCA) and introduced by Assembly member Ted Lieu (D-Torrance), expands legal protections for transgender people born in California. If signed by the Governor, the new law would allow qualified transgender people born in California to return to the county of their birth and obtain a court order reflecting their correct gender and an accompanying name change, if applicable. The court order is then used to obtain a corrected California birth certificate.

[CO, USA] [Blog/News]
Maurice "Ariel Attack" Schwenkler charged
The strange case of Maurice Schwenkler has entered a new phase now that the Denver District Attorney's Office has formally charged the far-left trangender activist also known as Ariel Attack with criminal mischief in the smashing of eleven windows at Colorado's Democratic Party Headquarters. But the political fallout continues, with blogosphere blatherers on the right doing everything possible to connect the Dem establishment with the crime, even though Attack apparently wishes a pox upon both major party houses.

After sex-change surgery, a person got a female ID
The Civil Court of Appeals ordered to hand over a woman’s ID to a person who underwent a sex change operation in Chile.

El Teje, escritura para la visibilidad trans
La revista El Teje busca sacar a los y las transexuales de la condena prostibularia, la estigmatización social y las crónicas policiales. Su directora, Marlene Wayar, aclara: "romper con la transfobia” (el rechazo a las personas cuya identidad de género no se basa en la de su sexo biológico).
“Escribimos para ser seres posibles”, aclara de entrada Marlene Wayar, líder de la organización Futuro Transgenérico y directora de El Teje, la primera revista argentina y latinoamericana hecha por y para travestis y transexuales. (Foto)