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quinta-feira, agosto 27, 2009

Diretor do filme Jean Charles fala da relação que teve com travesti que cometeu suicídio
Henrique Goldman, o diretor do filme Jean Charles, escreveu na mais recente edição da revista Trip, sobre a relação de amizade que teve com uma travesti brasileira, que se prostituía e cometeu suicídio em Milão.

La FELGTB celebra la rectificación de Ibermutuatur respecto al tratamiento de la transexualidad
La Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales, FELGTB, celebra la modificación del protocolo médico de la mutua Ibermutuatur respecto a los informes médicos de una persona transexual a la que trataban como mujer, siendo un hombre ya en su documentación y el Registro Civil.

Las denuncias de gais por acoso laboral suben pero persiste el miedo
Pasar ocho horas un día tras otro en un lugar que alguien está empeñado en convertir en un infierno es un mal trago por el que pasan decenas de catalanes por el simple hecho de ser homosexuales o transexuales.

Blue Peter presenter's trans comments not 'unfair treatment' says Ofcom
The broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has not upheld a complaint from a trans woman against a programme celebrating 50 years of the children's TV programme Blue Peter.
Peter Duncan rapped over comments

[Allemagne/Afrique du Sud ]
De Zola Budd à Caster Semenya : les athlètes sud-africains brouillent les cartes encore une fois
L'Afrique du Sud a été bannie pendant près de trente ans (1964-1992) de toute compétition sportive internationale, à cause des pratiques de discrimination raciale du régime d'apartheid qui y avaient cours. Curieusement, les athlètes originaires de ce pays continuent de faire l'objet de discrimination pour des raisons complètement loufoques.
Sul-africanos demonstram apoio à corredora suspeita de ser homem. Federação aguarda exames
La atleta que no podía entrar al baño de chicas
DESORDRE - Développement du sexe : «La transition entre homme et femme est floue»
El sexo no es sólo una Y
Entretien avec….Dr Oumar Faye, Enseignant d’Histologie-embryologiste à l’Ucad : «Ces athlètes ne se font pas passer pour des femmes...»
Suráfrica hace del sexo de Semenya un asunto de Estado
[News/Commentary] IAAF responsible for prejudice athlete Caster Semenya facing
[Commentary] Sex typing is fuzzy science
[News/Commentary] Renee Richards breaks down X's and Y's of Semenya situation
[Commentary] Caster Semenya: What should the gender row 800m runner do next?
[Commentary] Policing Caster Semenya's gender
[Commentary] The ugly side of Semenya gender saga

Pakistan’s Undesirables: ‘Dealing with’ the Hijra Problem
There has been a lot of hype few days back in media and in the blogosphere about the radical pro-people Supreme Court. Some of these “radical” decisions include orders to destroy poultry feed which contained Pork , probably Pakistan’s public enemy number one and “granting of rights to the Hijra community, the traditional indo/pak transgendered community.

Transman victory
In a decision hailed as a victory by transgender activists, two transmen have won the right to be legally considered men without sex reassignment surgery.

[Dominican Republic] [News/Commentary]
A constitution to impose injustice
Excerpt: The homophobic campaigns by the mainstream media, government and the Church that blame LGBT people for the spread of the AIDS virus have created a dangerous climate for anyone to be open about their sexuality. Several transsexuals have been brutally murdered, creating panic and fear in a community that is under constant police watch.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Breaking news: WA transman assaulted by his own family
Our economy is crap. American families are facing homelessness in numbers not seen since the Great Depression and, like in the Great Depression, we find ourselves returning to family with greater frequency. This can be especially complicated for the individual with gender variance, especially when the transperson’s family is trans-ignorant or downright transphobic.

'Gay' protections expanded to ex-'gays'
A court decision that is being described as precedent-setting because it applies standard non-discrimination protections now provided to homosexuals to people who have left the lifestyle is being publicized by an activist group involved in the dispute.
Split Decision on "Ex-Gay" Protections
PFOX victorious in gaining protections for ex-gays?

Bash Back!: The New LGBT Activism?
Details magazine offers a provocative, if at times strained, feature on the “fearsome gay gangsters of Bash Back!” the “elusive band of transgender anarchists, radical sex workers, and queer troublemakers" who explicitly reference violence as an answer to oppression. The group has gained notoriety in the past year for in-your-face protest tactics that leave some members of the LGBT establishment feeling deeply uncomfortable.

[USA] [Film]
Taking Woodstock
As Ang Lee films go, Taking Woodstock is relatively painless. When he isn’t reaching for lofty, awards-baiting heights (Brokeback Mountain) or being deathly, soul-sappingly dull (The Ice Storm), the infrequent pleasures in the director’s work tend to rise to the surface. This adaptation of a memoir by Elliot Tiber, who was instrumental in organizing the 1969 “peace and love” concert, is most rewarding when it abandons narrative altogether.
Ator Liev Schreiber vira travesti em novo filme de Ang Lee. Veja foto
Liev Schreiber 'Giddy' Over Dressing in Drag

[USA] [Commentary]
LGBT community & Trans politics
Wikipedia defines human communities as being based on common intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness. Based on that definition:

Oprah protege Dr Phil accused of "pathologising" LGBT people
American TV personality Dr Phil has been accused of giving a platform to controversial ex-gay therapists.
The pop psychologist, who does not have a medical degree, first shot to fame as a regular guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and his own series of shows and self-help books have proved popular.

The Wendy Williams Show Apologizes
An executive with The Wendy Williams Show has issued a formal apology to drag queen and performance artist Erickatoure Aviance, who was told at a taping of the show that she would be removed from the audience if she tried to appear on camera.

Trans Mayoral Candidate to Sue Twitter Over Fake Account
A transgender mayoral candidate in the city of Nampa, Idaho has sued Twitter for defamation of character and violation of privacy, after a fake account on the microblogging service posted lewd messages about her, reported, citing local Fox affiliate KTRV-TV.
Former Lansing transgender politician threatens to sue Twitter
Trans Candidate Defamed on Twitter (Photo)
VIDEO: Trans mayoral candidate threatens to sue over false Twitter account

Tucson man sentenced for assaulting transsexual
A Tucson man has been convicted of assault and disorderly conduct for attacking a transsexual Vietnam veteran.

Marcela Romero ya es Marcela Romero
La militante transexual reclamó por 10 años ser reconocida legalmente por su condición. "Es imprescindible resolver este vacío legal", dijo la titular del INADI.