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sábado, agosto 22, 2009

[Brasil ]
Travesti arrastada por policias muda-se de cidade
A travesti conhecida como Joyce, de 29 anos, resolveu mudar-se de sua cidade por medo da reação policial. (...) Joyce deixou Junqueiro, o município do Agreste onde reside, e estaria agora num endereço não divulgado, com medo de alguma represália. Joyce preferiu não prestar queixa, por medo de vingança.

Caloura travesti do programa Ídolos arrasa. Veja vídeo da apresentação
“Não canto para ninguém, só resolvi cantar para o Ídolos. Criei coragem e vim”, disse Lívia antes de enfrentar sua primeira audição no programa Ídolos, da Record. Lívia é de Fortaleza e foi ao programa acompanhada pela mãe. Assim que abriu a boca e cantou “Negue”, com timbre parecido ao da cantora Maria Bethânia, a loira agradou o júri e levou três “sim” para a próxima etapa da competição.
Travesti cearense conquista jurados do Ídolos

[UK] [Blog/Commentary]
Do I “Identify” as intersex? actually no, I spent most of my life being hacked and chopped by doctors and ended up female, so if I “Identify” as anything it would probably be female. Does my being intersex somehow legitimize my being female? well no. in legal terms in the UK it is more likely to have me legally defined as male than female. Thanks to Julienne Imperatio Mc Ginley’s flawed and biased studies on the condition I have and the urban myth peddled by the likes of Jeoffrey Eugenides. Is intersex all about having both sets of genitalia and surgery? No the notion of both sets of genitalia as the media would have it is more an urban myth than fact there are conditions where this happens but not the way the media describe it. Is it about gender? no! society makes it that way not us. Is it about identity? Not really that is the latest spin presented by controlling quacks who want to peddle terms like “Disorders of Sex Development” to keep the garden of society tidy.

Une militaire transgenre dont l'armée a reconnu la nouvelle identité féminine, n'a pu obtenir du tribunal de Nancy le changement de nom qu'elle sollicitait parce qu'elle refusait de produire les justificatifs d'une opération irréversible. (Foto)

[Germany/South Africa]
‘Semenya defies societal expectations’
The world athletics 800m champion Caster Semenya, who is caught in controversy about her gender, has refused to conform to societal norms and expectations, Gender Links said on Friday.
Gold and Sex: The morphological contradictions of Caster Semenya
South African government, friends and family rally round to support'golden girl' and condemn IAAF
Semenya: are genes to blame?
Genes and not just drugs can bend gender too
Is South African runner a he or a she?
Woman, man or a little bit of both? How deciding Caster Semenya'sgender is more complex than you might think
When does a woman become a man?
Steroids Testing is Nothing; Ask Caster Semenya
Sports gender controversies
[PR/Commentary] Media witch hunt on Semenya will lead to hate crimes
Where’s the Rulebook for Sex Verification?
Tale of Transgendered World Champion Downhiller Being Revisited
[Commentary] Track and field shows the way on transgenderism
[Blog/Commentary] Proof that the Daily Telegraph are stupid

[USA] [Blog/News/Commentary]
Life Where the Law is Real
When she was hired by Wal-Mart in 2005, Chrissy Nakonsky explained to her employer that she was a transgender person transitioning from male to female, and that she self-identified as a woman. Although her legal name was Jeffrey, she was permitted to dress according to the women’s dress code, and to wear the name “Chrissy” on her name badge. Then one day in January 2006, a Wal-Mart assistant manager informed her that she would no longer be permitted to dress as a woman or to wear earrings or her hair in a ponytail. Some customers had complained and threatened to stop shopping at Wal-Mart unless she dressed as a man, the manager explained. Wal-Mart’s legal department subsequently advised her that she could not dress as a woman unless she had a doctor’s excuse, and that she would be terminated if she violated the men’s dress code without such an excuse.

[USA] [Blog/News/Commentary]
Utah Transgender Woman Takes Action Against Workplace Discrimination After Losing Job
According to The Salt Lake Tribune, a transgender woman in Utah held a community forum last night about workplace discrimination after she was fired because of her gender identity.

Manpower poursuivi pour avoir demandé une photo de ses organes génitaux à une employée transsexuelle
Une transsexuelle américaine, contrainte par ses employeurs de présenter une photo de ses organes génitaux afin de déterminer quelles toilettes elle devait utiliser dans l'entreprise, a décidé de leur intenter un procès.

[USA] [Books]
'Between XX and XY: Intersexuality and the Myth of Two Sexes' by Gerald Callahan
Gender and science both play a role in human sexuality -- something that may not be as black and white (or boy and girl) as we think.

Trans mechanic loses another job to transphobia
Spradlin says her gender identity probably wasn’t the only reason she was laid off from a Burleson aircraft maintenance company, but then again, it was only the 2 trans employees who were let go.
(Photo: DAVID TAFFET/Dallas Voice - Jamy Spradlin checks out an old Air Force bomber at the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas’ Love Field. Spradlin recently lost her job as a mechanic for an aircraft maintenance company in Burleson, and she believes that, for the second time, her gender identity played a role in her losing a job.)

[Blog/News/Commentary] This is Why We Need an Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Polémica por contratación de gay y transexual en la función pública
Jenny Lovera y Eduardo Figueredo ni se imaginaban el revuelo que causarían en esa fría mañana en la que fueron presentados a la prensa paraguaya como dos nuevos empleados de la Secretaría de Acción Social (SEN).