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quarta-feira, agosto 19, 2009

Travesti Fabianna Brazil faz participação especial em novela do SBT
A convite de Yoya Wursh, uma das autoras de “Vende-se um véu de Noiva”, novela exibida pelo SBT, a travesti Fabianna Brazil (foto) entra na trama com um personagem de destaque: Andressa Carla, uma trans que tem a missão de desmascarar o vilão Homero, interpretado pelo ator Marcos Winter, em seis capítulos.

Realizarían primer cambio de sexo en adolescente trans
Un juez de Barcelona deberá decidir si el chico de 16 años puede ser intervenido quirúrgicamente. Aunque lleva más de año y medio con tratamiento hormonal y psicológico, no sólo basta el consentimiento de sus padres.

[UK] [Blog/Commentary]
Street harassment
Scene: It’s lunchtime, Monday. Helen is wandering around the area where she works. As she nears a block of flats she spots three cis men – Real Men™ – putting up some scaffolding. Passing by, she hears the following exchange:
Real Man™ #1: Fuck, that’s scary.
Real Man™ #2: It’s a geezer, innit?
Real Man™ #3: Fu-ckin-ellll…
Real Men™ #1 & 2: Hur hur hur
Street harassment happens. To me and to other trans women. Every day, everywhere.
It’s cissexist and trans-misogynistic. It’s hate speech and it’s violence.

SC asks govt to provide security to eunuchs Free education, treatment ordered
The Supreme Court on Monday directed the federal and provincial governments to provide protection and free-of-cost health and education facilities to the eunuchs and submit report to the court on implementation of the directions.
SC wants eunuchs to play role in mainstream
SCfor provision of safety, health, education to eunuchs

Exterminating Lesbian, Gay, and Transgendered Iraqis
The detention, torture, and murder of lesbian, gay, and transgendered people in Iraq is the subject of a Human Rights Watch report released this week. We've reported on the slow response of the human rights community to sexual cleansing in Iraq, and we've reported on the brutal torture techniques captured on video and distributed via cell phone as a warning to members of what some iraqis call the "third sex." The Human Rights Watch Report, They Want Us Exterminated: Murder, Torture, Sexual Orientation and Gender in Iraq, contains several terrible survivor stories and implicates the militias, political, cultural, and religious leaders, and the Iraqi government in no uncertain terms.

Transgenders to get ration cards soon
Tamil Nadu, the first State to have an exclusive Transgender Welfare Board, is all set to fulfil their demands of ration cards, passport and voter ID cards. As a prelude to the entire process, the board is screening the members and ascertaining their true sexual identity as part of the screening camp held on Sunday and Monday at the Kilpauk Medical College.

[South Korea]
Military rules revised for men changing sex
The nation’s highest court removed some legal barriers confronting transsexuals making the switch from male to female.
The Supreme Court said yesterday that a transsexual is no longer required to complete or be legally exempted from military service to change his sexual affiliation on legal documents.

[New Zealand] [Film/Video]
Transexual Cop
Five years ago Steve was a macho, no-nonsense cop. But unbeknownst to his police bosses, Steve longed to become a woman. Today Sarah Lurajud is New Zealands first openly transgender police officer.

Transsexuals win appeal over sex ruling
Two West Australian female-to-male transsexuals have won the right to be considered men without having to undergo surgery on their reproductive organs.

Exclusive Bretheren told to apologise
A Tasmanian transgender activist has won an apology from Exclusive Brethren members after the 2006 publication of state election advertisements attacking transgender and intersex people.

Fry addresses transgender issues
Transgendered people are not being fully served under the Canada Health Act, a physician and member of Parliament said Monday in Saskatoon.
[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
“I’m Sorry, But We’ll Need to See Your Genitals”
From the Philadelphia Gay News comes this disgusting story of Kate Lynn Blatt, whose employer requested a photograph of her genitalia as a condition of continued employment.
Blatt was working for Manpower, a temporary employment service. After she was asked to leave a job she was on for Manpower in 2007, they told her that she’d have to provide documentation from her surgeon regarding genital surgery, plus a photograph of her genitalia in order to seek further employment through them.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
More Flight Anxiety For Transpeople As New TSA Rules Implemented
I worked for Continental Airlines for over a decade and spent a lot of time on my off days flying the friendly skies before 9-11. Thanks to some of my speaking engagements I have had the opportunity to experience post 9-11 air travel.

Transsexual counterfeiter caught by Jacksonville cops again
A Jacksonville con who has made a career out of forgery and counterfeiting is now charged with going back at it.
Diangelo Deshawn Wooden, 31, a transsexual who also has gone by the name Lisa, Kym, Krista and Shanika, last got out of prison in 2007 after a year-and-a-half sentence for a pile of counterfeit checkbooks and licenses in Jacksonville.

NY man gets 25 years for transgender hate killing
A laborer who became just the second person in the nation to be convicted of a hate crime in a transgender slaying drew a 25-year sentence Tuesday for shooting to death a Syracuse woman.
Dwight DeLee, 20, showed no emotion when a judge imposed the maximum penalty for manslaughter as a hate crime in the November slaying of Moses Lateisha Green, 22. Born male, Green began living as a woman at 16 and dressed frequently in women's clothing.
Dwight DeLee gets the maximum in transgender slaying
NY man gets 25 years for transgender hate killing
Leteisha Green Murderer Sentenced
TLDEF Statement of Sentencing in Lateisha Green Trial